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Hungarian-born Guyla Halasz, better known under the pseudonym Brassaï, studied art in Budapest and Berlin, before moving to Paris in 1924, where he worked as a journalist and painter before turning to photography in the early 1930s.

By 1933, he had produced the ground-breaking book Paris de nuit, with text by Paul Morand. Although he collaborated with surrealist artists Brassaï retained a detachment, since he could not entirely accept their ideology. He also produced several portraits of artists, including the Picasso portraits that are among his most famous works. These were compiled in the book Conversations avec Picasso (1961) for which Brassaï also photographed and interpreted several of Picasso’s sculptures. On his walks through the city, he discovered urban graffiti, which was à la mode, inspiring artists such as Jean Dubuffet and Henri Micheaux.

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