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Hasse Persson, Glädjestrålande McGovern-delegat vid röstsammanräkningen som gjorde McGovern till Demokratiska partiets presidentkandidat. Ur serien "Amerikabilder", 1972 © Hasse Persson

Hasse Persson

Hasse Persson was born in 1942 in Borås. After a few years as a photographer in the local rural press, he got a regular job at the newspaper Göteborgs-Posten and later moved on to the tabloid Expressen.

In 1967, Persson moved to the USA, where he became an established press photographer. His now classic photo book Amerikabilder (Pictures of America) was published in conjunction with an exhibition at Fotografiska Museet in Moderna Museet in 1974. The book features photographs from Persson’s travels and assignments and portrays many of the events and phenomena that characterised the American 1970s, including protests against the Vietnam War. As the curator at the Hasselblad Centre and Kulturhuset Stockholm, he has produced several major photo exhibitions in the 2000s, including an exhibition with the photographer Sally Mann in 2007. Persson is currently the director of Borås Konstmuseum.

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