exhibition room with textile artwork on walls

Moki Cherry, Installation view, 2023 Photo: Helene Toresdotter/Moderna Museet Bildupphovsrätt 2023

Artist Tour with Tonie Roos

A dialogue in the exhibition

5.10 2023


PLEASE NOTE! CANCELED DUE TO ILLNESS! Join us for a guided tour of the exhibitor “Moki Cherry – A Journey Eternal” with artist Tonie Roos and one of the exhibition’s curator Elisabeth Millqvist.

The artist Tonie Roos was a friend and colleague of Moki Cherry. Tonie Roos shows the exhibition “Moki Cherry – A Journey Eternal” in dialogue with Elisabeth Millqvist, museum director and one of the exhibition’s two curators. Join us in a dialogue among memories, thoughts and questions surrounded by the artworks in the exhibition. 

Tonie Roos: “I accompanied some friends home to Moki’s apartment and studio, it made an indelibly stimulating impression on me. It was a completely free environment. Moki greeted us while she continued to work. In a corner of the studio there was a little baby sleeping, it was Neneh.” 

Tonie Roos and Moki Cherry met in Stockholm in the 1960s and followed each other after that. Tonie was central to the Cherry couple exhibiting in the dome at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm in 1971. SVT made the documentary “Moki, Sanna and Tonie” in 2006 about the three artists Moki Cherry, Tonie Roos and Sanna Beckam, their friendship and daring as a result of their exhibiting together in Skåne at Tomarp Kungsgård.