Photo: Prallan Allsten/Moderna Museet

Programme for schools

Learning is a key feature at Moderna Museet Malmö. A wide range of educational activities are offered, including workshops and guided tours for children of all ages, teacher evenings and customised programmes for all school levels. Planning of the learning activities is in progress and teachers will be invited to a presentation of the programme.

School classes are welcome to visit Moderna Museet Malmö on their own, with a responsible teacher.
To avoid double- bookings with guided tours, please contact our Booking Office in good advance and notify us of the date of your visit.

Book a guided tour or workshop

Use art as a tool for learning together with your students. We offer school programs in relation to all of our major exhibitions. Here students of all ages can explore art and take part in creative workshops.

Educational resources

We offer free teachers’ guides in Swedish for all of our exhibitions, and our current exhibitions and learning activities are presented once per exhibition at our popular teachers’ get-together.

What did you do?

Share your experiences of visiting Moderna Museet Malmö, and give your colleagues new ideas and inspiration! Tell us how you organised your own guided tours and the exercises you did with the kids at the Museum or in the classroom, or any other interesting information about your visit.

Send an e-mail to Susanne Lindblad, Curator Learning:

Published 23 July 2015 · Updated 11 January 2022