Two girls having coffee.

"Swedish-fika" at Moderna Museet Malmö. Photo: Sanna Dolck Wall/Moderna Museet

Our Café

Moderna caféet serves tasty pastries, locally produced drinks, lighter dishes with fine ingredients, and of course really good coffee. The same opening hours as the museum. Welcome!

Swedish fika and having something delicious to eat and drink in connection with your museum visit is unbeatable! Sit down in our orange-dripping cafe to discuss and digest the art experience together. We offer a good cup of coffee, a large selection of fantastic pastries, a filling shrimp sandwich or why not treat yourself to it with a glass of sparkling wine! Of course, we always have vegan and gluten-free options on the menu.
We always work with carefully selected raw materials and locally grown primers and a large assortment of local products. Our coffee is freshly roasted at Lilla Kafferosteriet in Kirseberg, our beer is brewed 1 km away at Hyllie Bryggeri and we have beverages from Malmö-based Simply and Solsken.

Are you planning a coffee in connection with a private guided tour or perhaps a luxury lunch with the whole gang? Pre-order food, coffee and drinks via email for parties of at least 4 people and get a 10% discount!


Gustafsson Gastronomi & Konsult AB

Please send an e-mail to:

You can follow Moderna caféet in social media at @modernacafeet.

Moderna Caféet is run under the direction of Chef Tomas Gustafsson, who also runs Matverkstaden in Lokstallarna, Malmö and Torup’s Slottscafé.


(with reservation for changes)

Prawn Sandwich 139 SEK

Cheese Quiche with side-salad 85 SEK

Flatbread with garlic and fresh primers 95 SEK

Soup of the week (bread incl) 85 SEK

Cheese sandwich 35 SEK

Pancakes with jam and cream 35 SEK

Something to drink

Coffee (including a refill) 35 SEK

Tea 30 SEK

Hot chocolate 40 SEK

Photo of three people behind cafe desk
The Moderna café, 2022 Photo: L. Sestrajcic/Moderna Museet

Published 17 June 2015 · Updated 8 November 2022