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Kafé Sisko, 2024 Photo: Kafé Sisko

Kafé Sisko

To have a snack and eat and drink something delicious in connection with the museum visit is unbeatable! Sit down in our café, Kafé Sisko, to discuss and digest the art experience together.

At Kafé Sisko, we serve Smörrebröd (open sandwiches) our way and high-quality beverage experiences at a good price. Open sandwiches work just as well for morning coffee as a lunch offer, and are perfect in the afternoon with a beer or a glass of wine, as well as non-alcoholic alternatives, of course.

Of course, sweet treats are also offered in the form of snacks for both adults and children. And why not try a cup of fine coffee from Solde Coffee Roastery!

Logotype of Kafé Sisko
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Sandwich à la Kafé Sisko, 2024 Photo: Kafé Sisko


Vegetarian 95 SEK

Café de Paris butter, Carrot, Herb oil, Pickled endive, Maches salad, Grana padano, Roasted almonds (can be made vegan)

Fish 95 SEK

Cold smoked salmon, Lemon- and dill mayonnaise, Roasted leek, Pickled green tomato, Pickled lemon, Cucumber.

Meat 95 SEK

Pork side, Chili mayo, Pickled carrot and radish, Cucumber, Nuoc cham vinaigrette, Dressed white cabbage, Chili sesame

Double sandwich 165 SEK

LUNCH OFFER (11.00 – 14.00)

Large 135 SEK

One open sandwich in double size + today’s salad and bread

Small 95 SEK

One regular-sized open sandwich + today’s salad and bread

+10 SEK for lunch coffee/tea after the meal


Olives 45 SEK
Almonds 45 SEK
Cornichons 45 SEK

Cheese 75 SEK
Charcuterie 80 SEK

Beer, wine, and sparkling wine available! As well as non-alcoholic options, of course.

FIKA (something sweet)

Cookies 20 SEK each
Tasty treat 45 SEK


For event bookings and larger groups, contact Ewelina & Chonladda at:

For other inquiries: 073-903 09 16

Follow us on Instagram: kafesisko

Kafé Sisko is operated by Chonladda Perlestam, Oskar Lind, and Ewelina Lauhakari

P.S. Outdoors, dogs are welcome. In the company of their humans, of course!

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Outdoor at Kafé Sisko, 2024 Photo: Kafé Sisko
photo of hanging wineglasses
Kafé Sisko, 2024 Photo: Erland Gustavson Påsse
photo of the museum cafe
Kafé Sisko, 2024 Photo: Erland Gustavson Påsse

Published 17 June 2015 · Updated 23 June 2024