Oil painting in blue, yellow, black, white

Anna Sjödahl, Centraldatorn i Sundsvall, 1978 © Anna Sjödahl. Photo: Moderna Museet

Web accessibility review

We want the Moderna Museet website and its contents to be accessible to as many as possible. This page outlines Moderna Museet’s compliance with legal requirements on accessibility to digital public services, any known accessibility problems, and how you can report shortcomings to us so we can fix them.

What to do if you cannot use parts of the website

If the contents you need from Moderna Museet is not accessible to you, please notify us at tillganglighet@modernamuseet.se.
We read all incoming e-mail, but our response time varies depending on the workload. E-mails received evenings and weekends are normally replied to during the next working day.

Please contact us if you find further shortcomings.
Please tell us if you find any shortcomings other than the ones listed below, which prevent you from accessing our website, or if you feel that we do not comply with the legal requirements. This feedback is valuable to our efforts to improve accessibility. Shortcomings can be reported to tillganglighet@modernsmuseet.se.

Contact DIGG

If you have a complaint concerning our compliance with accessibility requirements, you can notify the Agency for Digital Government, which supervises compliance with the Act on digital accessibility to public services. Please contact the Agency for Digital Government (DIGG).


The contents described below are not completely accessible in one way or another.

Failure to comply with legal requirements

The appropriate language tag button for exhibition name etc is missing. Some of our exhibitions have titles in English and should, therefore, have an English language button on the Swedish pages. The option to choose the appropriate language for individual fields is currently missing and may cause problems for text-to-speech tools.

Using text-to-speech tools on the website

Alternative captions are missing for some images on the website.

Forms are not fully accessible

Forms lack clickable field labels separating input fields. Forms lack clear references in the case of error messages. The forms lack clear focus.

Video and audio

The requirements on accessible video and audio material apply to recordings published after 23 September 2020. Video and audio recordings on the website published before 23 September are not subject to these requirements. However, Moderna Museet strives to make this material accessible to the greatest possible extent and therefore notes the following:
Some videos do not have subtitles.
Visual interpretation for the visually impaired is not available for some videos.
There is no alternative representation (in the form of text) for podcasts.

Validation errors in the code

There are some validation errors in the code and errors in heading structure.

External services

Moderna Museet uses an external service for table reservations in the restaurant. This service has some accessibility issues, particularly with regard to contrast and keyboard navigation.

Moderna Museet currently uses an external web service to manage advertising and job applications. This web service is not yet entirely accessible.

Moderna Museet uses an external video player. Information about the functionality of the video player is not satisfactory. The player is a third-party solution that is beyond our influence and we are unable to alter how it works. We are not currently planning to switch to another video player.


Moderna Museet claims exemption on grounds of unreasonably burdensome adaptation according to § 12 in the Act on accessibility of digital public services for the following contents:


A large part of the contents on modernamuseet.se is images of works of art. Writing good, descriptive alternative texts for all images would therefore involve a substantial amount of work.

Video and audio

Due to their extensive text volume, we will not be subtitling podcasts or documentations of our events, including panel discussions, long artist talks, lectures and lecture performances.


On our behalf, an external consultant has performed an independent inspection of the website. The latest assessment took place on 13 August 2020.

This review was updated on 3 March 2023. Read more about digital accessibility and what it entails at the Agency for Digital Government.

Published 4 September 2020 · Updated 27 March 2023