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Two children creating at table.

Photo: Sanna Dolck Wall/Moderna Museet

Autumn Holiday Workshop: What if trees could talk!

Get inspiration from Hilma af Klint

27.10 – 30.10 2020


CANCELLED 30 OCTOBER! The artist Hilma af Klint painted many trees and called all her tree paintings "The Tree of Knowledge". In Hilma's trees, both the earth and the sky seem to have a place, and if you look closely you will find birds, people, angels, flowers and snails! What grows in your tree?

Right now, all trees are in transformation. The leaves have been green all summer, and now they begin to change color – green turns yellow, red and brown and eventually the leaves fall to the ground, rot and become part of the soil again. Under some trees we find not only leaves but also chestnuts, fruits and nuts.

Trees grow and stretch up to the sky. But they also have roots that grow downward, underground and into the soil. Perhaps one could say that the tree is a link between the dark and invisible underworld and the sky that extends high above our heads and that seems to continue straight into space.

During the autumn holidays, we create our very own trees – trees with secret and mysterious forces. Welcome!