Mother and baby painting together

Baby painting, 2021 Photo: Miriam Preis

Baby Painting

Explore colours with the youngest ones


Come and paint with your baby in our Workshop! We believe that even small babies should get a chance to get acquainted with artistic expressions and paint with the whole body. We can promise lots of laughter and mess!

This activity is aimed at the youngest ones and their adult companions. We create together and paint with organic edible colors made from buckwheat, turmeric, beetroot, wheatgrass and lingonberry. The babies can discover and explore the colors with both sight, touch, and taste.

There’s running water in the Workshop. However, we recommend that you bring a towel and a change of clothes, both for you and your baby. Stains of turmeric can be difficult to remove, so don’t wear your favorite clothes.

Baby painting requires full focus from you as an adult, as it can become slippery with a lot of color. You have full responsibilty for your baby during the activity.