photo collage with woman and plant and text

Plant Music Sound Lab with Cecilia Nordlund, 2023 Photo: C. Nordlund/S. Djerf/Moderna Museet

Plant Music Sound Lab

How does your plant sound?

4.11 2023 – 5.11 2023


Join us in a sound lab with artist Cecilia Nordlund. In this unusual songwriting workshop we create music with plants! The workshop is a part of Bästa Festivalen, an art festival for children and youth.

In this unusual songwriting workshop we create music with plants! What does a plant sound like? By experimenting with electronic musical instruments, we create music together with inspiration from Moki Cherry’s art. Feel free to bring a plant from home!

This is how we do it

We start in the exhibition “Moki Cherry – A Journey Eternal” and draw inspiration from there. What kind of thoughts does the art evoke? We write down some words and sentences.

Then we gather in the sound studio in the museum’s creative workshop, Verkstan. Here we explore together — nothing is right or wrong. We play with sounds from plants, sample our voices and experiment with fun electronic equipment.

About Cecilia Nordlund

Cecilia Nordlund is an artist, teacher, producer and songwriter based in Malmö. She has fronted bands like Souls, Monkeystrikes, Cilihili, and currently Fullmånen F.H. Since 2005 Cecilia has inspired children and youth to write their own songs and was part of founding the association Popkollo in Malmö. She regularly tours with school projects, is also a teacher at Skurups Folkhögskola and Malmö Academy of Music.