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Daniel Poohl, 2023 Photo: Daniel Lagerlöf/Expo

Two days with EXPO – lectures and workshop

9.3 2023 – 10.3 2023


Two days in a row we are visited by Daniel Poohl, CEO of the anti-racist foundation Expo. On Thursday we arrange a lecture with workshop, for you between 13 and 19 years of age. On Friday there will be a lecture open for the public.

9 March: To choose a path – lecture and workshop

We live in a politically tumultuous time. Democratic values are being challenged from various sides and the flow of information is enormous. Feelings of fear and anger risk us easily accepting both simplistic and outright incorrect information and easily losing our direction. In the lecture by Daniel Poohl, CEO of the anti-racist Stiftelsen Expo, you will learn more about the organized racism that Expo monitors and also hear Daniel talk about how we can navigate and choose a path in a turbulent time. The lecture is aimed at young people aged 13–19 and is followed by a workshop.

10 March: The Extreme Right wing: Trends and strategies for impact – lecture

>Welcome to a lecture with Daniel Poohl, CEO of the anti-racist foundation Expo. Daniel talks about the new political landscape that has emerged and the trends Expo can see in its coverage of organized racism.