dancer posing in room with art

Jimmy Robert, Performance, Descendances du nu, 2023 Photo: Helene Toresdotter/Moderna Museet

Art, Body & Identity

Guided tour with Art history

27.4 2023


Björn Fritz, PhD student in Art history and visual studies at Lund university will give a guided tour with an in-depth look at Jimmy Robert’s exhibition via art historical references with a particular focus on the body in images.

Artist Jimmy Robert works with the staging of art historical discussions and contemporary issues. His work, which often highlights a poetic dimension in everyday materials, breaks down the division between image and object. Robert examines the relationship between body and material and here opens up new interpretations around representation and identity in relation to Marcel Duchamp’s work.

Björn Fritz is a teacher of Art History and Visual Studies. His own interests in Art History concerns two areas; art and technology and body, sexuality and representations, where his main concern is the male gay body in western culture. Both areas includes images from many different sources, some very far away from traditional art history.