photo of person posing  in room with object on thehead

Jimmy Robert, Descendances Du Nu, 2016 Photo: O.H. Dancy. Courtesy of the artist, Stigter Van Doesburg, Amsterdam and Tanya Leighton, Berlin and Los Angeles.

Jimmy Robert – Descendances du nu


31.3 2023 – 27.8 2023


The performance is part of the installation “Descendances du nu” (2016), the central work of Jimmy Roberts’ exhibition. The installation can be seen as a deconstruction of Marcel Duchamp’s (1887 – 1968) painting “Nu descendent un escalier” (1911 – 1912) and includes, in addition to performance, objects, photography, sound and text. The work’s physical components create the scenography for the performance.

In his art, Jimmy Robert raises questions of representation, gender, and identity—often with a starting point in an artistic or museum context. With subtle humor, melancholy, and queerness, he takes on these complex subjects through a fragmented and flexible idiom. The works, in which even the body can become a conceptual tool, are allowed to function both as independent entities and as components of a larger historical network. In spite of the body’s constant presence, the direct gaze is often avoided—possibly as a gesture of preserved control.

Curator: Andreas Nilsson