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Still from Quivery Heart, 2018. Kirsten Astrup and Maria Bordorff. Photo: Mads Hoppe

Artist talks KHM x MMM

13.1 2015 – 24.9 2020


KHM x MMM is a series of lectures and artist talks created in collaboration between Malmö Art Academy and Moderna Museet Malmö.

KHM x MMM presents a broad programme of internationally active artists, theorists, writers and curators connected to current themes and exhibitions. The programme and the invited speakers are presented continuously. Free admission.

Upcoming artist talks


10 September: Kirsten Astrup & Maria Bordorff. Film screening + lecture

At Moderna Museet Malmö, Kirsten Astrup & Maria Bordorff will talk about their film works Faithful and Diligent and Quivery Heart. With elements from the cabaret such as political satire, music and caricatures, they depict a welfare society in change, where collective values are on retreat for more individualistic worldviews.

While Faithful and Diligent takes place in the former central post building in Copenhagen – which is currently turned into a luxury hotel – Quivery Heart unfolds in old train wagons with a cast of professional actors, drag performers, railway employees and friends of the artists acting as stewardesses and passengers bound for derailment. Both films deal with the infrastructures and falling institutions of the welfare state in increasingly post-political times.

A third film is underway, and Astrup & Bordorff will share some of their current research into the digitalization of the welfare state, where the institution in danger could easily be democracy itself. The lecture begins with a screening of Quivery Heart (2018).

Kirsten Astrup (b. 1983) & Maria Bordorff (b. 1988) officially became a duo in 2018, and they graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and the University of Copenhagen. They work with film and performance and their most recent work is Summer Night by the Beach (2019). They have shown in various museums such as Museum of Contemporary Art, the Munch Museum, ARKEN and Holstebro Art Museum. Together, they have received several awards, including the Remmen Foundation Art Prize and honors from Aage and Yelva Nimbs Foundation. For Quivery Heart they were awarded the Danish Academy Council’s Franciska Clausen medal in 2019.

24 September: Lea Porsager

In November, 2020, Lea Porsager opens her first major solo exhibition in Sweden at Moderna Museet in Stockholm. The exhibition will consist entirely of new works made for the occasion. In her lecture in the series KHM x MMM at Moderna Museet Malmö, Lea Porsager will present her artistic practice and the energy work embedded in it. From excited particles at CERN to monstrous apparatuses and spiritual vibrations.

Lea Porsager (b. 1981, Frederikssund, Denmark) graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main in 2010. Her works encompass science, politics, feminism and esotericism, and interweaves fabulation and speculation with a variety of mediums including film, sculpture, photography and text.

In 2015 Lea Porsager began her studies as a PhD fellow at Malmö Art Academy and Lund University. Her PhD project CUT-SPLICE THOUGHT-FORMS looks at the quantum effects of spiritual visions, based on physicist Karen Barad’s theory of Agential Realism. Porsager explores how the cutsplicing of seemingly conflicting phenomena—quantum physics, spiritual paradigms and lubricated feminism— can serve as trailblazers for radical tentacular thinking and practices.

In 2012, Lea Porsager participated in dOCUMENTA(13) with the Anatta Experiment, and in 2015, Porsager took part in the 14th Istanbul Biennial Saltwater: a Theory of Thought Forms as Annie Besant’s “medium,” recreating thirty-six of Besant’s watercolors from the book Thought Forms (1905). Porsager’s earthwork and memorial Gravitational Ripples was inaugurated in June 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden, commemorating the Swedish lives lost in the 2004 tsunami in Southeast Asia. Lea Porsager was selected CERN Honorary Mentions for the Collide International Award 2018.

Porsager’s most recent solo exhibitions include Museum of Contemporary Art (Roskilde, 2019), Nils Stærk, (Copenhagen, 2016), Brandts (Odense, 2016), Göttingen Kunstverein (Göttingen, 2015), Overgaden (Copenhagen, 2015), Künstlerhaus Bethanien (Berlin, 2015), Henie Onstad Kunstsenter (Høvikodden, 2013) and The Emily Harvey Foundation (New York, 2013).