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Artist talks


KHM x MMM is a series of lectures and artist talks created in collaboration between Malmö Art Academy and Moderna Museet Malmö.

KHM x MMM presents a broad programme of internationally active artists, theorists, writers and curators connected to current themes and exhibitions. The programme and the invited speakers are presented continuously. Free admission.

8 December: Pedro Barateiro – The Artist as Spectator

line drawing of a face
Pedro Barateiro, Monologue for a Monster, 2021 Still from animation film. Courtesy the artist

The lecture The Artist as Spectator takes the text written by Pedro Barateiro in 2006 as his MA thesis in the Malmö Art Academy as the starting point for the presentation that will include the discussion of other works. Barateiro revisits the text to reconsider some of the questions raised and how these have been sculpted by market and political ruptures within established neoliberal systems. Many of these changes were happening already at that time, in the outset of social media and anticipating the evolution of the mirroring of the “society of spectacle”.

Barateiro’s diverse work has been focused on deconstructing binary narratives of western culture and thought. In his sculptures, drawings, films, texts and performances, he engages with the present state of the world, saturated with information, and the sheer complexity of dealing with this wealth of data. Barateiro uses poetry as a tool to decolonise our bodies and minds. In a variety of ways, his works address a sense of estrangement in society, as well as that of the individual. His art is characterised by a wistful longing for a place where community and affection confront the commodification of life.

17 December: Marta Popivoda – Landscapes of Resistance

Part of face of stone
Marta Popivoda, Landscapes of Resistance, 2021 Still from film. Courtesy the artist

KHM x MMM in collaboration with Cinema Panora presents Marta Popivoda’s feature documentary film Landscapes of Resistance. The screening will be followed by an artist talk. 

Landscapes of Resistance traces a journey through the memories of antifascist fighter Sonja, age 97. One of the first women Partisans in Yugoslavia, who was also among the leaders of the resistance movement at Auschwitz. Her story moves through time towards the bodies of a new generation of antifascists, suggesting that it is always possible to think and practice resistance. 

The film, premiered in the Tiger Competition of the 50th International Film Festival Rotterdam, was presented at more than 50 film festivals worldwide and has won more than ten awards.

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Part of face of stone
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KHMxMMMxPanora: Marta Popivoda