Group 2

© Photo: Max Adolfsson/Moderna Museet

Artist talks KHM x MMM

27.3 2018


The lecture comittee of Malmö Art Academy and Moderna Museet Malmö invite you to a series of lectures and artist talks created in collaboration. We will present a broad programme of internationally based artists in a seletion based on our shared interests and separate points of departure.

We hope to contribute to the art-scene in Öresund with new perspectives as well as the possibility of a deepened understanding. This collaboration enables an expansion of our programme, together we are greater than the sum of our parts.

Initiated in January 2015, the project aims to arrange lectures at a steady interval throughout the year. The programme will be developed continuously and the invited speakers will be introduced subsequently.



Upcoming artist talks 2018

The programme for KHMxMMM will continue this fall. Upcoming talks will be presented here.