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Tori Wrånes, 2018 © The artist

Artist talks KHM x MMM

27.3 2018


The lecture comittee of Malmö Art Academy and Moderna Museet Malmö invite you to a series of lectures and artist talks created in collaboration. We will present a broad programme of internationally based artists in a seletion based on our shared interests and separate points of departure.

We hope to contribute to the art-scene in Öresund with new perspectives as well as the possibility of a deepened understanding. This collaboration enables an expansion of our programme, together we are greater than the sum of our parts.

Initiated in January 2015, the project aims to arrange lectures at a steady interval throughout the year. The programme will be developed continuously and the invited speakers will be introduced subsequently.


Upcoming artist talks 2018

14 mars, kl 16.30: Sara Jordenö and Conny Karlsson Lundgren
Sara Jordenö and Conny Karlsson Lundgren both participate in the exhibition Public Movement – On Art, Politics, and Dance, currently on view at Moderna Museet Malmö.

Sara Jordenö is a documentary filmmaker, visual artist, researcher and educator, whose work resides in the intersection of site-specific and participatory art, ethnography and documentary cinema. Jordenö’s projects often engage with groups and communities facing different types of marginalization. As part of an international network of filmmakers, academics and community-organizers working and thinking around hidden populations, Jordenö’s work is disseminated in contemporary art, film and the social sciences.

Through film, text, image and documents Conny Karlsson Lundgren sheds light on the boundaries between language and social, political and private identities. In various staged situations and revisited historical narratives, he interlinks seemingly disparate phenomena, and introduces an alternative reading and queer moments in situations where this might not already be present. The glitches and dislocations that arise harbour an intention to identify new perspectives and meanings.

27 March, at 16.30: Tori Wrånes in collaboration with IASPIS
Tori Wrånes is a vocalist and artist, with a trans-medial artistic practice that unfolds as performance, sculptures, videos or installations. Her use of sounds, musical instruments, costumes, props, architecture and sculptures deforms her appearance and creates new rituals and dreamlike constellations. Choreography with sound might be a good way to describe her work, be it solo or with multiple performers, such as opera-singers on bikes, musicians in a chairlift or a singing rock. Lately, Wrånes has been occupied with developing her own Troll-technique; an improvised, non-verbal, language based on rhythm and temperament.

Her recent works include her solo exhibition Hot Pocket at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo; the solo exhibition Ældgammel Baby / Ancient Baby, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Denmark; Drastic Pants, Carl Freedman Gallery, London; Stone and Singer, commissioned by the 19th Biennale of Sydney (2014); Yes Nix, commissioned by Performa 13, New York; Colombo Art Biennale, Sri Lanka; Dhaka Art Seminars, Dhaka Bangladesh; CCA Lagos, Nigeria; the Eccentrics Sculpture Center, New York. This autumn she will participate with a new score for Prototype NYC and hold a solo exhibition at the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw. Wrånes is represented by Carl Freedman Gallery, London.

17 april, kl 16.30 Jonathan Allen
Jonathan Allen (UK, 1966) is an artist and writer based in London. In both contexts, Allen’s work often explores the politics of enchantment and the various magics at play within late modernity. Allen is also a curator at The Magic Circle Museum, London, where in 2013 he discovered a forgotten tarot deck hand-painted in 1906 by the English artist and mystic Austin Osman Spare. His subsequent book Lost Envoy (Strange Attractor, 2016) is distributed by MIT Press.

His recent solo and group exhibitions include Twenty-First-Century Silks, Ryan Lee Gallery, New York (2016); Casting for the voice of Strength, Stanley Picker Gallery, London (2016); Explode Every Day, MASSMoCA, USA (2016-17); and The Act of Magic, STUK, Leuven (2017). His writing has featured recently in Truth is Concrete – A Handbook For Artistic Strategies in Real Politics (Sternberg Press, 2014), Notes on The Magic of the State (Lisson Gallery & Beirut, 2013) and Curiosity and Method: Ten Years of Cabinet Magazine (Cabinet Books, 2012).