photo of woman in white with white flowers

Eiko Otake, A Body in Pittsfield, 2017 Photo: William Johnston

Breakfast lecture with Eiko Otake


14.6 2023

Join us for breakfast and meet Eiko Otake – a movementbased, interdisciplinary artist. Born and raised in Japan she is a resident of New York since 1976 where she has become a pivotal figure in the dance world.

About Eiko Otake

For more than 40 years she performed as part of Eiko & Koma. Now she performs as a soloist and directs her projects collaborating with a diverse range of artists. Her video works, installations and performances have been shown all over the world, and she has made durational ”living” museum installations in the U.S. at the Whitney Museum, Walker Art and MoMA e.g. Since 2014, she has been working with the series ”A Body in Places”, in about 70 locations among others in Fukushima.