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Lotte Laserstein, I and My Model, 1929/30 Photo: Lotte-Laserstein-Archiv Krausse, Berlin ©Lotte Laserstein Courtesy of Agnews, London
Bildupphovsrätt 2023

Lotte Laserstein’s scrutinizing glances

Theme: Materiality

28.9 2023


In her lecture, Solfrid Söderlind gives us a deeper look at Lotte Laserstein’s paintings with a focus on her unique way of depicting people.

Lotte Laserstein’s portraits give us an insight into how she examined her models and selected telling and distinctive features in each one. The inevitable tension between self-conscious posing and moments of vulnerability and openness takes shape on the canvas and affects us as viewers. The intense gaze of the self-portrait is also in this game – they search in the mirror but also in the faces of others for the fluid and the permanent in people’s essence.

photo womans face
Solfrid Söderlind, 2023 Photo: Wenbo Söderlind

About Solfrid Söderlind

Solfrid Söderlind is a professor of art history and former superintendent of the National Museum with Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde.