Photo of masked person in street

Eric Magassa, The lost Series, Marseillan France, 2021 Photo: Eric Magassa

Magical, yummy and miraculous masks

Guided tour and Workshop

6.11 – 7.11 2021


Create masks together with artist Eric Magassa! How does it really feel to wear a mask? And what is it like to create one? Eric Magassa leads us in a workshop during the last weekend of Bästa Biennalen.

With a mask, we can hide or become someone else. The mask can let us blend into the environment, or stand out. It can give us superpowers, protect us or be magical like a portal to another world or another part of ourselves. Through the mask we can look at others without being seen.

We create colourful masks, dark masks. Masks with leaves, sequins and fabric. Face masks where you decide the expression!

We use different techniques and materials such as paint, cardboard, fabric, patterns, painting, collage and photography. The workshop begins with a tour in the exhibition “The Man With the Blue Face” and then we start creating in a  workshop together with Eric Magassa.

About Eric Magassa

Eric Magassa works with painting, collage, sculpture and photography. He lives and works in Gothenburg, a city that has also been seen in his works. In the photographic series “The Lost series”, we meet a figure who, with a mask for his face and body wrapped in cloth, moves between different cities in the world. In his art, Magassa explores what it means to travel between different places and places of origin.