lots of people sitting in floor surrounded by tapestries

Moki Cherry, Don, Moki and Eagle-Eye Cherry, Atelier des Enfants, Children's workshop with tapestries by Moki, Centre Beaubourg, Paris, 1974 ©Cherry Archive, Estate of Moki Cherry Bildupphovsrätt 2023

Moderna Museet Malmö & Black Archives Sweden

Talks, performance, workshops and guided tours

23.2 – 25.2 2024


Black Archives Sweden welcomes you to a weekend filled with talks, performance, workshops and guided tours at Moderna Museet Malmö. We activate the exhibition “Moki Cherry – A Journey Eternal” through Black Archives Sweden’s collection project – The Family Archive.

The Family Archive is based on the everyday and the ordinary in dialogue with theorist Tina Campt’s question: how do we build a radical visual archive of the recalcitrant, rebellious and unruly? In the everyday we find, with attention, the sonic, visual, tactile and affective references that often go unnoticed. Using the everyday and the ordinary as methods, we propose new ways to read and experience the Moki Cherry exhibition.

During Friday evening, our new café; Kafé Sisko is open and serves both drinks and something to eat. Welcome!

Participants during the Moderna Museet Malmö x Black Archives Sweden weekend:

Tawanda Appiah, Mary-Anne Buyondo, Exotic Sin, Naima Karlsson, Mmabatho Thobejane.

person in front of big textile artwork
Moki Cherry, Installation view, 2023 Photo: Helene Toresdotter/Moderna Museet Bildupphovsrätt 2023
persons working in creative workshop
Moki Cherry, Installation view, 2023 Photo: Helene Toresdotter/Moderna Museet


Friday 23 February 18.00 – 22.00

At 19.00 Introduction of the weekend’s program by Jonelle Twum, Black Archives Sweden. The introduction is followed by music with Exotic Sin.

The duo Exotic Sin (Kenichi Iwasa and Naima Karlsson) will play an improvised electroacoustic set in the exhibition space.

At 20.15 Conversation with Naima Karlsson about family archives and her work with Moki and Don Cherry’s art and archives. Naima Karlsson is the archivist for Moki Cherry’s art and archive.

The conversation is moderated by Jonelle Twum. In English.

Saturday 24 February 11.30 – 16.00

At 11.30 Introduction of “Moki Cherry – A Journey Eternal” by Black Archives Sweden. In Swedish.

At 12.00 – 16.00 Archive station
By adding your material to the Family Archive you’re contributing to the collective cultural heritage where Afro-Swedish and Black stories, lives and experiences get to live on for generations to come. Sharing your material is also a way to affect the visual representation of Black people in Sweden, on your own terms. Contributions to the Family Archive can be anything from photos, old passports, identification cards, music, letters to voice recordings.

The definition of family is individual. From families connected by blood, caregivers, chosen families to queer communities. Contribute to the Family Archive which aims to strengthen the visual representation of Afro-Swedes. At the Archive Station you can find tips on how to take care of your photos at home.

Location: The Workshop

At 12.00 – 15.00  Textile based Workshop
In the spirit of Moki Cherry, we invite you to a textile-based workshop that focuses on improvisation, playfulness and collectivity. The workshop is open to everyone of all ages and no prior knowledge or experience is needed. No pre-registration required. The workshop is led by costume designer Mary-Anne Buyondo.

Location: The creative workshop in the Moki Cherry exhibition 

Sunday 25 February 11.30 – 15.00

At 11.30 Introduction of the exhibition by Jonelle Twum (Black Archives Sweden). In English.
At 12.00 Guided tour by Tawanda Appiah
In this guided tour, Tawanda Appiah will pay attention to the points of contact between different mediums in the exhibition—ranging from sound and textile to painting and the ensuing gestures. He will draw inspiration from contemporary and art-historical references, as well as Don Cherry’s presence in the exhibition, ultimately focusing on the resonance of sound and its diasporic significance. In English.

At 12.00 – 15.00 Textile based Workshop
In the spirit of Moki Cherry, we invite you to a textile-based workshop that focuses on improvisation, playfulness and collectivity. The workshop is open to children from the age of 4 and their adults. No pre-registration is required.
Location: The creative workshop in the middle of the exhibition

At 13.00 – 15.00 Workshop focusing on family archives and sound (only for Afro-Swedes*)

What is your family archive? Who and what is included in it? What sounds remind you of your family history and heritage? What sounds do you associate with ‘home’ and what is its place in your family archive?
Here, we ask you to bring audio material (e.g. a song, nursery rhyme, slogans, atmospheric sounds such as street sounds, from the kitchen, demonstrations, etc.) or a specific memory of a sound linked to your family archive and ‘home’.
We will have a conversation based on these materials and what memories they evoke in us and about our family archives. The conversations will be recorded and archived. It will be possible to play the audio during the workshop.
The workshop is led by Mmabatho Thobejane and will be conducted in English.
Location:  The Workshop

*Only for Afro-Swedes/Black people originating from the African continent and the Caribbean.

No cost. Pre-registration required. Please book your free ticket here.

This event is a collaboration between Moderna Museet Malmö and Black Archives Sweden.

Black Archives Sweden

Black Archives Sweden is a contemporary archive centered around the experiences and narratives of Afro-Swedes and Black people in Sweden. From a queerfeminist and diasporic perspective Black Archives Sweden works to produce artworks, collect photographs, video-and sound collections, letters, texts, oral histories, and ephemera.


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