Sculptural installation by Hanna Ljungh.

Hanna Ljungh, Curiosity Cabinets: You, me, rock, mountain: commodities of the quantified universe, 2017–2019. Sculptures. Photo: Aage A. Mikalsen © Hanna Ljungh

Sensing Nature from Within: On the Affinity Between Human and Mountain

Seminar, talk and after work

21.11 2019


The project Sensing Nature from Within is part international art exhibition featuring 12 artists and artist groups, part extensive programme of lectures, talks, and performances. Welcome to this first seminar in which Jonna Bornemark, philosopher and writer, and Hanna Ljungh, artist, will participate. The discussion will focus on the fact that large parts of humanity are bearers of a tradition of ideas that separates nature from culture, human from beast and the soul from the body.

The seminar begins with two lectures followed by a moderated discussion between seminar participants and the audience. If you like to continue the discussions, our cafe is open for happy hour after the seminar.

Hanna Ljungh:Artist who explores the relationship between the human body and the matter we call stone, ground, soil, land and mountain.

Jonna Bornemark: Philosopher and writer. Associate Professor at The Centre for Studies in Practical Knowledge at Södertörn University. Her recent book (Det omätbaras renässans: en uppgörelse med pedanternas världsherravälde) helps us to reconnect with our sensuous bodies and with life itself.

Moderator: Pella Larsdotter Thiel. Ecologist working with Transition, in a broad sense. Co-founder of the Transition network, Lodyn and End Ecocide Sverige.

Curator: Joa Ljungberg