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Moki Cherry, Spirit, 1976 ©Tom Van Eyde, Corbett vs Dempsey Bildupphovsrätt 2023

Winter Break Workshop

Create like Moki cherry

20.2 – 23.2 2024


Spend your winter break at Moderna Museet Malmö! During the week, you have the opportunity to create like the artist Moki Cherry in the Winter break Workshop with the theme: MOKI’S MATERIALS & METHODS

Step into Moki Cherry’s world and try your hand at creating with the same materials and methods she used in her art. Moki Cherry crafted vibrant art, working with painting, sculpture, textiles, and stage design.

We have plenty of exciting materials in Verkstan (The Workshop)! Together with our art educators, we will experiment with both textiles and paper. Hope to see you there!

adults and children walking outside Moderna Museet Malmö
Easter Holiday workshop 2022 Photo: Miriam Preis/Moderna Museet
People sitting around a table and creating
Creative Workshop Photo: Miriam Preis/Moderna Museet