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Two similar objects on black background

Zvi Goldstein, Cultural Attraction 2, 1990 © Zvi Goldstein

Zvi Goldstein

Winds from Jericho

15.5 – 29.8 2021


This summer’s main exhibition in the Turbine hall is with Zvi Goldstein, who, for many years, has highlighted contemporary art from the periphery of traditional Western art history.

Zvi Goldstein (b. 1947 in Romania) has lived in Jerusalem since the late 1970s and considers this to be his artistic and intellectual home.

Zvi Goldstein’s art is rooted in both Western contexts and premodern traditions that he got to know on his travels. The works are the result of reconstructed memories. Through his personal way of exploring a larger world, Goldstein places contemporary art in a broader perspective and opens up a more inclusive and global view of ourselves and of the world around us.

The title of the exhibition refers to the warm winds from the Sahara that led Goldstein on his travels. Jericho, one of the oldest cities in the world, is located in Palestine east of Jerusalem. The place could be seen from his studio window and represented a world unknown to him.

The exhibition highlights Zvi Goldstein’s unique artistic practice, which spans a multitude of theoretical perspectives, including discussions on the climate, botany, ethnography and eschatology. Works from the latest decades are shown together with a new, monumental installation presented here for the first time.

Curator: Iris Müller-Westermann.

The exhibition is in the Turbine hall

Map of  Moderna Museet Malmö, the Turbinehall marked
Map of Moderna Museet Malmö


Work by Zvi Goldstein
Zvi Goldstein, Reconstructed Memories, Lariam B, 1996 Photo: Elie Posner
Detail of work by Zvi Goldstein
Zvi Goldstein, Detail of Reconstructed Memories (Lariam B), 2001–2005 Photo: Ron Amir

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