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Photo of artist John Zurier

John Zurier, 2021 Photo: Mikael Olsson

Artist talk – John Zurier

28.8 2021

Based on John Zurier’s current exhibition Far Again, the exhibition’s curator and Museum director Iris Müller-Westermann talks to Zurier about his artistry.
John Zurier’s paintings invites us to a pure sensory experience and invite us to be present in the moment. His paintings can also evoke a feeling of summer, a soft breeze, a scent or an atmosphere by the sea.
The works first give the impression of being monochrome, but on closer observation, rich nuances and modulations in the colour and colour treatment are discovered. It is a subtle, finely tuned and consistently abstract painting where nothing is superfluous.
John Zurier was born in Santa Monica, California in 1956. He lives and works in Berkeley, California and in Reykjavik.

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Photo of artist John Zurier
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Artist talk – John Zurier