artwork made of matches in different colours

Moataz Nasr, Khayameya (detail), 2011–2012 Courtesy: Continua Gallery and the artist

Breakfast and lecture

Meet artist Moataz Nasr

30.4 2024


In a breakfast lecture, we meet the Egyptian artist Moataz Nasr, one of the participating artists in the exhibition “Unhealed”. Nasr had a breakthrough on the international art scene in 2001, and has since become one of the most established artists in Arabic contemporary art.

Showing complex cultural processes currently underway in the Islamic world, his work surpasses geographical limits and voices that worries and torments of the African continent. The feeling of belonging to a specific geopolitical and cultural context and the need to maintain a link with his homeland are key elements of the artist’s life and work. Moataz Nasr believes that art and life are inseparable.