Bästa Biennalen 2021 , 2021 Illustration © BästaBiennalen

Inauguration of Bästa Biennalen!

23.10 2021


This year, Moderna Museet Malmö has the honor of hosting the inauguration of Bästa Biennalen! The fifth art biennial is bigger than ever and takes place throughout southern Sweden during the period 23 October to 7 November.

The kick-off for the 2021 Bästa Biennalen will take place at 11.30 at Moderna Museet Malmö. We start with an opening speech and “cut of the ribbon”. In the Workshop, the Artist Stage is arranged with interviews with the artists Eric Magassa and Lisa Ewald. During the afternoon, the workshop is open for creative work.

Bästa Biennalen is a regional investment in children’s and young people’s encounters with contemporary art. During the art biennial, children and young people have the opportunity to experience and create art together with a professional artist.

Our host and speaker during the day is Matilda Alborn aka Mademoiselle Carousel.

Programme for the inauguration of Bästa Biennalen 23 October

11.30 Inauguration speech

Cristina Glad, Vice president of Culture Committee Region Skåne

Ýrr Jonasdottir, Director of Ystads Art Museum

Iris Müller-Westermann, Director of Moderna Museet Malmö

11.45 Artist Stage in Verkstan

Sasha Karlsson Giertz interviewing artists Lisa Ewald and Eric Magassa 

12.15  Open Workshop

We work with inspiration from a new book published by bästa Biennalen, “ABC for artists” by Lisa Ewald

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Inauguration of Bästa Biennalen!

  • Family
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Inauguration of Bästa Biennalen!