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Jubilee Celebration!

Moderna Museet Malmö celebrates ten year!

23.11 2019 – 24.11 2019


This year it’s ten years since we cut the cord and opened the Moderna Museet Malmö. We’re celebrating with a jubilee weekend—throwing a big two-day party with a gallery treasure hunt, fishing for prizes, and classical music. We show Stop motion films both days – films created by participants in our Autumn Holiday Workshop. We hope you’ll join us for a celebration of the museum’s tenth birthday!  

Moderna Museet Malmö first opened on December 26, 2009. Since then it has served as a new meeting place in downtown Malmö for all those who want a bit of art in their everyday lives. About a month before the actual birthday, we’re holding a huge jubilee celebration in the form of a birthday party! For two days the museum will be filled with a variety of activities—from a gallery tour that focuses on the building’s history to classical music and a party workshop for visitors big and small. Of course you can also enjoy our three exhibitions: “Sensing Nature from Within”, “Merike Estna: Ghost of the future, filled with memories of past”, and “Blue Is the Color of Your Eyes”.


A present for all the ten-year-olds

Since the museum is turning ten, we want to celebrate everyone else who’s ten too! If you’ve turned ten or will turn ten this year, we’ve got a little surprise for you—you can pick it up at the reception desk on your way home from the party*.


This weekend, our café is not the only thing that’s dipped in orange. We’re offering our visitors orange-dipped biscuits made with love by Bröd och Vänner*! You can purchase coffee and other good things to drink in our café.

Fishing for prizes

You can’t have a party without a fishing hole! All the children who visit the museum can fish for prizes in our specially made Fishing Hole before they go home*. Will you get a bite?

Stop motion film
We show stop motion films both days – films created by participants in our Autumn Holiday Workshop. The films are shown at our reception.

(*as long as supplies last)

Party workshop: three-dimensional painting

When you hear the word “painting,” do you think of a framed canvas hanging on a wall? A visit to Merike Estna’s exhibition “Merike Estna: Ghost of the future, filled with memories of past” might just change the way you think about painting! Estna puts paint on just about anything—benches, tiles, kettles, vessels, and even bathtubs and slabs of wood—slabs that, besides being paintings, can function as tables. There seem to be no boundaries for what painting can be in Estna’s work. Painting can be anything! In the museum’s workshop, children and adults will work together with painting that goes well beyond flat and rectangular pictures. With inspiration from the exhibition, we’ll work with paint, cardboard, and scrap materials to create three-dimensional paintings. (For kids 4 years and older.)

Classical concert

Please join us for two mini concerts with classical music by (A)Muse – a Malmö-based ensemble which is hosted by internationally award-winning musicians from the Malmö Symphony Orchestra. The members of (A)Muse are united in their view of aesthetics, stylistic flexibility and passion for music and art. (A)Muse will perform: – Eric Satie – Furniture music, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Allegro from flute quartet in D, George Enescu – Impressions d’enfance, Op.28 No.1 Ménétrier, Betsy Jolas – Episode second, Johann Sebastian Bach- Prelude from suite nr.3, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Rondo from flute quartet in D.

Gallery treasure hunt

You can’t have a party without a treasure hunt! Follow along with an art educator on an exciting journey through one of our exhibitions. Help us find treasures, tackle exciting challenges, and solve riddles so we can move along from one stop to the next on our journey among the artworks! (4 years and older accompanied by an adult.)

Gallery tour relay

Follow along with three of our expert art educators on an hour-long relay race through the entire museum! We have selected a few favorite works of art from among the three ongoing exhibitions—”Sensing Nature from Within”, “Merike Estna: Ghost of the future, filled with memories of past”, and “Blue Is the Color of Your Eyes”. Come along for a tour on which one art educator hands off to another in a running conversation about the artworks they’ve chosen. It will be a deep dive into a few select works and an opportunity for unexpected meetings and conversation!

Architecture tour

In 1901, the architect John Smedberg designed a beautiful electrical power station at Gasverksgatan 22, whose magnificent gas holder long guaranteed Malmö’s inhabitants a reliable supply of electricity. A little more than a hundred years later, the building—and the surrounding area—was transformed. The building now holds a modern art museum, but enough of the original details remain to tell the story of the building’s earliest years. This is a tour for all our visitors who are interested in architecture or history!

Moderna Museet Malmö during the construction process, 2009 © Photo: Åke Hedström/Moderna Museet