Crreative Workshop, 2024 Photo: Moderna Museet

Tales of Clay

Creative workshop with artist!

10.3 – 15.9 2024


Join us in creating “Tales of Clay” in a workshop led by the artist Rami Khoury. Throughout the exhibition period of “Unhealed” we will organize several workshop sessions. And there will be opportunities to work independently when the Workshop is open.

We start by visiting the exhibition “Unhealed” and then talk together, share impressions, and reflect. Then we enter the Workshop and create with clay! Rami leads the workshop together with one of our art educators.

Clay is a material that Rami has worked a lot with in his own artistic practice. It’s a material that works for everyone and you don’t need to have any skills.

This will be a workshop that allows for reflection. We encounter the exhibition and art in a new way. We encourage sitting down together – taking a pause. This creates opportunities for conversation.

What makes you feel good and feel joy? Can you create a story in clay about it? Together, we give voice to our own experiences by creating clay figures.

The clay figures will be left here at the museum. It becomes a collective artwork that grows during the exhibition.

black and white photo of man
Ramir Khoury, 2024 Photo: Raul Fernández

About Rami Khoury

Rami Khoury, born in 1984, is a multidisciplinary artist and art educator based in Södertälje. He holds a Fine Arts degree from Damascus University.

Man with two children creating in Verkstan
Photo: Åsa Lundén/Moderna Museet
Tre barn skapar i Verkstan
The workshop, Moderna Museet Photo: Åsa Lundén/Moderna Museet.