Loom, papers and pencils

Photo: Gisela Fleischer

The Statement Loom

Weave your statement in the workshop

31.10 2015 – 6.3 2016


What do you think is important today? What is the statement you wish to convey? Weave your statement or your opinion in the workshop.

In the exhibition Hannah Ryggen: Weaving the World large tapestries are exhibited. These were often direct reactions to what happened in the world during Hannah Ryggen’s life. During the exhibition, you are invited to give weaving a try. In our workshop you will find a loom in which you can express your own thoughts about our time, you will also have the chance to see other people’s statements.

Hannah Ryggen used mostly wool and linen to weave. This Statement Loom will develop in a slightly different way by means of different materials such as newspaper, pencils and paper. The Statement Loom will be an ever-changing tapestry with contemporary reflections and thoughts from our visitors.