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Family activity Photo: Sofia Qvarnström

Bring your kids to the museum!

Meeting art together with children is often an eye-opening experience! Our family activities encourage children and adults to experience art and be creative together. We offer exciting and interesting activities for visitors of all ages. Activities to get you thinking and maybe even talking about what art might be.

You’ll find changing stations and also baby carriers to borrow at the museum. You’re welcome to bring a stroller into the galleries unless otherwise advised.

Our artworks are sensitive and they may not be touched, so hold hands with small children as you walk through the galleries. You’ll always find museum hosts on hand, so feel free to talk with them if you have any questions or thoughts about the art on display.

See you soon!

Our family activities

Family Workshop

Welcome to our Family Workshops on the last Sunday of each month. Kids and adults create together with inspiration from the current exhibitions. Each workshop has a unique theme based on the exhibitions on display. There will be a short introduction to the current exhibition on each occasion.

For children from 4 and up in the company of an adult. Drop-in between 11.00 – 15.00. Limited number of participants. The activity is included in the admission fee.


Holiday activities

Welcome to our Workshop for activities during school holiday periods. We gather inspiration from the exhibitions and experiment together with different materials in the Workshop.

For children from 4 and up in company with an adult. Drop-in between 11.00 –15.00 on each occasion. Limited number of participants, no advance booking required. The activity is included in the admission fee.


Stroller Tours

Even small babies can enjoy art. This is a guided tour at a slow pace for adults and babbling, crawling and screaming babies! Explore art with your baby. This is the perfect activity for you who are on parental leave. The tour is held by a guide and on each occasion we take a closer look at one of the ongoing exhibitions.
For babies aged 0–15 months in the company of one adult. The tours starts at 11.15 and 13.15 on each occasion.

Registration: Limited number of seats, registration is required! Tickets will be released two weeks prior to each occasion. Register by email to:, write “Stroller Tour” in the subject line, and which day and time you would like to come. Please note that the registration is personal and binding. The activity is included in the admission fee.

The tours are limited to 9 adults and 9 children per session, and no more than 6 strollers. Please note that the tour is held in Swedish.


Baby painting

Come and paint with your baby in our Workshop! We believe that even small babies should get a chance to get acquainted with artistic expressions and paint with the whole body. We can promise lots of laughter and mess!

This activity is aimed at the youngest ones and their adult companions. We create together and paint with organic edible colors made from buckwheat, turmeric, beetroot, wheatgrass and lingonberry. The babies can discover and explore the colors with both sight, touch, and taste.

There’s running water in the Workshop. However, we recommend that you bring a towel and a change of clothes, both for you and your baby. Stains of turmeric can be difficult to remove, so don’t wear your favorite clothes.

Baby painting requires full focus from you as an adult, as it can become slippery with a lot of color. You have full responsibilty for your baby during the activity.
Time: 11.15–12.45 and 14–15.30 on each occasion
Age: For babies 0–15 months
Cost: 120 SEK per baby
Registration: Limited number of seats, 9 babies and 9 adults. Registration is required! Tickets will be released at 12.00 at the exact date one week prior to each occasion.

Register to the following email address:
Please enter the time that you want to register for.

Please note that registration is binding and personal. Be sure to unsubscribe if you are prevented.


Do it yourself!

Our creative workshop, Verkstan, is an open space for all visitors and there is always material available. Warmly welcome to sit down and start creating!

Time: The Workshop is open when the museum is open

Location: The Workshop
Please note! Occasionally the Workshop is booked for other activities. We then have to close the “Do it yourself”-workshop.

Tickets: Drop in. Included in the admission fee. Free admission for those 18 and under.

Questions? Please contact Art educator Sofia Djerf by mail.


Museis is arranged every second Tuesday between 13.00 and 16.30. In the Workshop, a creative activity is offered at each occasion. Together we explore art and the experience of art. We also offer a short tour where we see the exhibition with a child’s view.

For children 1 – 3 years, with adult company. Drop in, no pre-registration required. Free admission for one accompanying adult.

There will be space for both creativity and hanging out, opportunities for a snack and socializing with other children and adults. We offer tea and coffee. Two Art Educators are always present.


Two women carrying their babies standing in exhibition room.
Photo: Sanna Dolck Wall/Moderna Museet
Woman and small child in front of photographs.
Photo: Sanna Dolck Wall/Moderna Museet
Baby painting Photo: Moderna Museet

Published 19 October 2015 · Updated 19 October 2023