Person in front of Hilma af Klint painting

From the series 2 minutes with Hilma af Klint, featuring Susanne Lindblad, curator learning, 2020 Photo: Cathrine Olsson/Moderna Museet

Glimpses from Hilma af Klint

Filmed guided tours in two minutes

Get a glimpse of the exhibition ”Hilma af Klint – Artist, Researcher, Medium” in short digital guided tours in two minutes. In nine different films, our art educators and our curator of learning, Susanne Lindblad, present as many works. The idea is to give you short introductions, small glimpses of the exhibition. You will also receive a greeting from our museum director Iris Müller-Westermann in a longer film.

”Hilma af Klint – Artist, Researcher, Medium” is expected to be a success that attracts many visitors to the museum. We meet the great interest by presenting filmed guided tours. Our art educators provide insights based on selected works of art or series of works. Our museum director Iris Müller-Westermann starts by giving a longer introduction to the entire artistry. All films are published here and at Moderna Museet Malmö’s Youtube channel.

2 minutes on Hilma af Klint

Are you curious to learn more about Hilma af Klint? Join us in our series “2 minutes on Hilma af Klint” where our curator of learning Susanne Lindblad and our art educators provide insights based on selected works of art or series of works. The films are published here and at our Youtube channel.

Create with Hilma af Klint

Based on the exhibition, our art educator Maria Westmar presents creative exercises that we hope can inspire creativity at home. The films take off in the exhibition on the basis of three different themes, which are then concreteized in Verkstan. The films are published here and at Moderna Museet Malmö’s Youtube channel.

Greeting from the museum director

Museum director and curator Iris Müller-Westermann sends a greeting standing in the middle of the exhibition, surrounded by the works “The Ten Greatest”. She gives a background to and tells about the exhibition she has wanted to show in Malmö for so long, and about the triumphal exhibitions Hilma af Klint has had around the world. The film is about seven minutes.

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