Photo of creative material in the workshop

The Workshop, 2021 Photo: Sanna Dolck Wall

Creative School

“Skapande skola” (Creative school) is a national initiative that aims to give students access to all forms of expression of culture so that their opportunities for their own creation increase.

Moderna Museet Malmö is happy to collaborate in Creative School projects. The activities are planned together between teachers and staff from the museum’s Learning department. The activities are always based on the museum’s current exhibitions and are adapted to your wishes.

Theme 2024: “The Collage of the Collection”

During 2024, we offer the opportunity to meet and work together with the artist Anna Nordquist Andersson and Moderna Museet Malmö’s art educators.

We begin your visit with an introduction to one of our exhibitions and then we continue in the Workshop where Anna Nordquist Andersson talks about her artistry and leads a workshop based on collage.

Expressions and messages in collage

By combining different types of materials, we can see them in a new way and discover unexpected forms and expressions. We reuse, among other things, photographs from older magazines and textiles with different structure and feel. Can we combine historical images with contemporary ones and create something new? Can the properties of paper and textile switch places? We work in an investigative and problem-solving way, both two- and three-dimensionally.

The workshop ends with us looking together at what we have done and discussing the artistic process. What expressions and messages have we created and why?

For different ages

For the younger grade levels, we focus on how we can express various stories and messages. How an idea can be realized and which methods and tools work best during the process.

For the older grade levels, the focus is on the significance of materials, different types of images, and their functions. How can we interpret them with a critical eye?

black and white photo of sitting woman
Anna Nordquist Andersson, 2023 Photo: Private ©Anna Nordquist Andersson

About the artist

Anna Nordquist Andersson was born in 1976 and educated at the Malmö Art Academy. In her artistic practice, she explores collage based on the photographic image. She has exhibited in Sweden and internationally, including at Marabouparken Konsthall and Malmö Art Museum.


Moderna Museet Malmö also offers outreach activities. This means that the museum visits your school and holds workshops on site. It can vary from a one-day workshop to us working for a longer period with a special work or an exhibition that is shown at the school.

Outreach can also be part of a project within the Creative School. The arrangement can consist of  visit to your school followed by a visit to the museum or vice versa. This is an appreciated arrangement that we have tried on several occasions in the past and which has been enriching for everyone involved – teachers, students and the museum’s art educators.

People walking in wood
Nature Love Art, 2021 Photo: Ellen Arvidsson/Moderna Museet

Published 15 January 2019 · Updated 27 December 2023