Group of children standing in exhibition hall. One child rising his hand.

Photo: Åsa Lundén/Moderna Museet

Why aren’t we allowed to touch the art?

When you visit us on your own, we recommend you to keep the class or group together. If you need help or want to ask something, please turn to our museum hosts. Welcome!

Don´t touch

Visitors are not allowed to touch the works of art. Even the lightest touch causes enormous damage because the salt and grease present – even on clean hands leaves marks on all materials. The purpose of the Museum is to preserve the artworks for future generations of visitors.

Responsibility for groups

Teachers are responsible for their classes while visiting the Museum. We recommend students up to ninth grade to stay with their teachers.


Clothes and bags can be stored in the lockers, located near the toilets. The lockers are coin-less.

School resources

Please use Moderna Museet Malmö’s teachers’ resources or ask the museum hosts for information. Clipboards are available on loan. Please do not use walls or plinths as support when you write, since this can leave marks. Only pencils are allowed in the exhibition spaces, for students who want to draw or write.

Be careful in the exhibitions

To avoid accidentally hitting the works of art, please leave backpacks, large bags, umbrellas, etc. in the wardrobe or lockers. To avoid spilling on the art, food or drinks are not allowed in the exhibitions or in the corridor adjoining them. No running in the exhibitions. Show consideration for guided tours in progress. Groups led by Moderna Museet Malmö staff have precedence in the exhibition spaces. Please use the black folding-stools available in the Museum, but carry them carefully to avoid damaging the art. Remember to put the stools back in their stand.

Where can we eat our packed lunch?

Unfortunately, there is no eating area at the Museum other than our café.


Filming and photographing are permitted (without flash or tripod) in the exhibition spaces. Repeated photo flashing can disturb other visitors. Camera stands are considered a hazard. Selfie-sticks are not allowed.

Museum hosts

During your visit to Moderna Museet Malmö, you will meet our museum hosts at the information desk or in the exhibitions. They will be pleased to answer any questions about the art, the exhibitions or events, or to hear your ideas or comments.


Published 11 November 2015 · Updated 24 July 2020