No One Notice

No One Notice, 2016. A film by: Adele Kosman & Hanna Westerling Costume: Hanna Westerling & Helena Ekström

Acclimatize – The Party

14.1 2017


Celebrate Acclimatize with us! It will be an evening filled with music, artists’ talks, performance and surprises when we celebrate the digital climate project Acclimatize.

During the evening DJ Jaja Saine will be playing great music! Artymove, Adele Kosman, the secret allstar band Den milda Vulkanen and Maxida Märak will be performing live. You can also see Grebnellaw do a performance, join a workshop with Paula von Seth and listen to Bigert & Bergström’s artist talk and more.

Acclimatize explores how creativity and art can inspire change and create a more sustainable future. We have received hundreds of ideas from all over the world. Photos, paintings, poems, films and other ideas have been uploaded. Together they show that creativity can change the world.

To preserve the energy in Acclimatize, we will during this evening of celebration symbolically hand over the contents of the site to different recipients that will be able to spread the thoughts and ideas further and accomplish real change.

The evening is arranged by Moderna Museet and Stormvarning.

Contact: Camilla Carlberg, curator