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Guide with two visitors in front of painting

Photo: Albin Dahlström/Moderna Museet

Learn more about art

Starting from 29 September, we welcome pre-booked guided tours at the Moderna Museet again. In parallel, we continue to offer bookable digital lectures.

Book a guided tour in the autumn of 2021

During the autumn, we offer booked group tours in the exhibitions “Annika Elisabeth von Hausswolff: Alternative Secrecy”, “In Lady Barclays salon” and in the Moderna Museet’s collection.

“In Lady Barclays Salon” can also be booked as a digital presentation for groups.

  • A tour lasts about an hour.
  • Please book no later than 1 week before the desired date.
  • You can book a guided tour of the collection, exhibitions and Pontus Hultén’s viewing magazine in several different languages.
  • It is also possible to book visually interpreted guided tours, tours for people in group housing/daily activities as well as tours in sign language, guided tours for babies and for school classes.
  • The price of the guided tour depends on what you want to see, time of day and which language you choose.
  • To be able to keep proper distances, we accept groups of a maximum of 15 people. Two groups can be booked in parallel.


Guided tours adults

In Swedish

“Annika Elisabeth von Hausswolff: Alternative Secrecy” and the collection of Moderna Museet (max 30 people) and “I lady Barclay´s salon” (max 15 people)

Weekdays (at 10.00–16.30): 1 750 SEK
Evenings/weekends (at 16.30–18.30): 2 250 SEK

  • Admission to exhibitions with admission fee will be added. Free admission to the Moderna Museet collection.
  • Additional fee of 500 SEK for guided tour in English, Spanish, French or Finnish.

Baby tour

Weekdays (at 10.00–16.30)
Baby tour (1 hour): 1 250 SEK
Baby tour with workshop (2 hours): 2 500 SEK

Evenings/weekends (at 16.30–18.30)
Baby tour with workshop (2 hours): 2 890 SEK

Up to 10 adults and 10 babies/group.

Price guided tours schools

Guided tour & workshop, all ages

Weekdays (at 9–11.30, 10.30–13, 13–15.30): 1 750 SEK
15 children/group
2,5 hours

Evenings/weekends (at 16.30–18.30): 2 075 SEK
15 children/group
2,5 hours

Guided tour, all ages

Weekdays (at 10.00–16.30): 1 000 SEK
Evenings/weekends (at 16.30–18.30): 1 875 SEK
15 children/group
1 hour

Contact booking

+46 8 5202 3501 (Tue–Fri 10–12)
Please contact the booking via e-mail:

Published 27 November 2015 · Updated 21 September 2021