Guide with two visitors in front of painting

Photo: Albin Dahlström/Moderna Museet

Learn more about art

Do you have a company, school class, association, parent group or a group of friends who are interested in art? Book a guided tour with an inspiring and knowledgeable art educator who will tell you about the artists and exhibitions. We also offer bookable digital lectures.

Book a guided tour

We offer booked group tours in the exhibitions and in the Moderna Museet’s collection.

Some exhibitions can also be booked as a digital presentation for groups.

  • A tour lasts about an hour.
  • Please book no later than 1 week before the desired date.
  • You can book a guided tour of the collection and exhibitions in several different languages.
  • It is also possible to book visually interpreted guided tours, tours for people in group housing/daily activities as well as tours in sign language, guided tours for babies and for school classes.
  • The price of the guided tour depends on what you want to see, time of day and which language you choose.


Type of guided tour

Requests for date and time

Alternative date and time

Number of people

Name of group (school, organisation, company etc.)


Contact name



Organisation number/date of birth

Invoice address


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Guided tours adults

In Swedish

Weekdays at 10–16.30: 1 750 SEK
Evenings/weekends after 16.30: 2 250 SEK

  • Admission to our exhibitions will be added.
  • Additional fee of 500 SEK for guided tour in English, Spanish, French or Finnish.
  • Maximum of 30 people. Maximum of 20 people in “Lotte Laserstein – A Divided Life”

Baby tour

Weekdays at 10.00–16.30
Baby tour (1 hour): 1 250 SEK
Baby tour with workshop (2 hours): 2 500 SEK

Evenings/weekends after 16.30–18.30
Baby tour with workshop (2 hours): 2 890 SEK

Admission fee to our exhibitions is added for adults

Up to 10 adults and 10 babies/group.

Price guided tours schools

Guided tour & workshop

Weekdays at 9–11, 10–12, 13–15: 1 750 SEK
Preschool: maximum 15 children/group
School year 1-9 and high school: maximum 25 children/group
2 hours

Evenings/weekends after 16.30–18.30: 2 075 SEK
Preschool: maximum 15 children/group
School year 1-9 and high school: maximum 25 children/group
2 hours

Guided tour, all ages

Weekdays at 10.00–16.30: 1 000 SEK
Evenings/weekends after 16.30–18.30: 1 875 SEK
30 children/group
1 hour

Contact booking

+46 8 5202 3501 (Tue–Fri 10–12)
Please contact the booking via e-mail:

Published 27 November 2015 · Updated 21 February 2024