Ed Atkins, Even Pricks, 2013 16:10 HD video with 5.1 surround sound 8 minutes
© All images courtesy the artist and Cabinet, London

Art, new technology, language and shifting identities

Ed Atkins in conversation with Daniel Birnbaum

3.3 2017


Welcome to a conversation with the British artist Ed Atkins and Daniel Birnbaum, Director at Moderna Museet, about art, new technology, language and shifting identities.

Video docmentation

In Ed Atkins’ work Even Pricks (2013), a talking chimpanzee seems to be looking straight at us from the screen.  He is not staring at us, however. The monkey exists in a different, indefinable world, and the monitor screen is more like a mirror in which he observes himself. The video is full of audio-visual effects that are familiar from advertising and the movie industry. The artist is reluctantly fascinated by how these industries – like the given structures in social media – influence the way we think and interact.

In this and many other works, Ed Atkins portrays a world that seems simultaneously hyper-realistic and totally dead; where a stream of promises is constantly replaced by new ones.

Contact: Karin Malmquist, curator learning