Georgina Starr
THEDA, 2007
Courtesy Georgina Starr

Before and After Film/Sture cinema

15.2 2012 – 28.3 2012



Moderna Museet and Bonniers Konsthall are collaborating under the title Before and After Film to focus on the moving image. In exhibitions, a season of films, and an international symposium, we are shedding light on the way the moving image has influenced art from the start of the 20th century up to the present – and on the way these influences may affect art in the future.

Before and After Film – international symposium

9–10 March 2012 at Sture cinema
Invited speakers: Dara Birnbaum, artist, USA; Eija-Liisa Ahtila, artist, Finland; Jan Holmberg, Ph.D. in Cinema Studies, Sweden; Ming Wong, artist, Singapore/Berlin; Christiane Paul, Professor, USA; and Daniel Birnbaum, Director Moderna Museet, Sara Arrhenius, Director Bonniers Konsthall and Bo-Erik Gyberg, Director at SADA. Moderator: Magdalena Malm.

Arranged together with Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts (SADA)

Exhibitions in the foyer at Sture cinema during the symposium

Sara Jordenö, Videoactive (2001)

Kjartan Slettemark, Video or not to be (1985)

Johan Thurfjell, Do you have the shine? (2002)

Malin Skjöld, Biroll (2010)

Hanna Ljungh, Vedergällning (2007)

Markus Öhrn, For their eyes only (2010)

Katarina Löfström: Finale (2007)

Before and After Film – Screenings and discussions at Sture cinema

Wednesday 15 February at 6.30 pm: Konstnären i biorummet.(artist in the theater) Axel Petersén, Tova Mozard, Stefan Constantinescu, Andra Lasmanis and Caroline Elgh.

Wednesday 29 February at 6.30 pm: Bergman i konsten.(Bergman in art) Hynek Pallas, Thomas Broomé, Markus, Öhrn, Sara Jordenö and Catrin Lundqvist.

Wednesday 28 March at 6.30 pm: The Silent film Theda by Georgina Starr. Music by Peter Schuback

Arranged together with Bonniers konsthall, SFI and Sture cinema.


SEK 70 per film showing. SEK 70 per day at the symposium. Tickets will be sold at Sture cinema.

Thomas Brommé, Courtesy Galleri Magnus Karlsson

Thomas Broomé
Untitled, 2011
Courtesy Galleri Magnus Karlsson
(A painting of Ingmar Bergmans video room)