In the eye of the child

Lecture with the art educator Gillian Wolfe

5.10 2016


How can an art book for children both take art seriously and engage young readers? Gillian Wolfe is a British art educator with more than 30 years’ experience from art museums, education and book making.

Moderna Museet and Nationalmuseum have invited Gillian Wolfe to Stockholm to put a focus on the making of art books for children. Wolfe has written and published five books in the series LOOK! In her books she invites the reader to visual adventures. Through the guided exploration we understand more about the language of art, with topics such as light, lines or body language. In her lecture she will show examples from the books and talk about the philosophy behind the text and layout. The reception of the books is also an interesting question, do we know who reads them and how they have been used?

After the lecture there will be a possibility for a more informal conversation and some refreshments in the Workshop.

Contact: Maria Taube, curator