The Ten Year Plan

Symposium on art, the institutions and the future of art history

4.10 2013


Where do we want to see art and the knowledge on art in ten years? How will the infrastructures for art making, art distribution and research on art develop in a longer perspective? For museums, galleries, art schools and universities? More democracy, improved gender balance, better financial support? Symposium on art, the institutions and the future of art history in the event of the art history department celebrating its 10th year at Södertörn University.

To handle present and future challenges, alternatives and visions are required. Let’s construct scenarios uninhibited by budgets and reality principles. Let’s give shape to fantasies in order to further their implementation. Let’s formulate concrete utopias, creative synergies and an enhanced awareness about actualities that do not preclude history and memory but incorporates them in a thickening and increasingly old present.

The afternoon at the museum will begin with short presentations by representatives from art history at Södertörn, a former student and an artist, followed by a panel discussion including well established agents from the Swedish art world.


14.00 Welcome address by Daniel Birnbaum
14.10 Dan Karlholm: Research on art
14.30 Sara Callahan: “The student perspective”
14.50 Charlotte Bydler: Utopian scenarios
15.10 Agneta Linton: “The artist perspective”
15.30 Pause
16.00 Panel discussion: Milou Allerholm (moderator), Daniel Birnbaum, Hans Hayden, Maria Lantz, Maria Lind and Sven-Olov Wallenstein
17.00 Drink in Moderna Bar

Milou Allerholm is art critic and lecturer in Art History at the Royal Institue of Art in Stockholm.
Daniel Birnbaum is Director of Moderna Museet.
Charlotte Bydler is lecturer in Art History at Södertörn University.
Sara Callahan is Ph D student in Art History at Stockholm University.
Hans Hayden is Professor in Art History at Stockholm University.
Dan Karlholm is Professor in Art History at Södertörn University.
Maria Lantz is President of Konstfack, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm.
Maria Lind is Director of Tensta konsthall.
Agneta Linton is artist.
Sven-Olov Wallenstein is Professor in Aesthetics at Södertörn University.