The Space In Between: Marina Abramović and Brazil

The Space In Between: Marina Abramović and Brazil, 2016

Tempo 2017

Documentary Festival

7.3 2017


Welcome to the screening of “The Space In Between: Marina Abramović and Brazil” in association with the Tempo Documentary Festival 2017. Marina Abramović will introduce the film, which covers an esoteric visit to Brazil in search of spiritual natural powers. In the film, she consults shamans and spiritual healers, to heal her emotional wounds.

”I can deal with physical pain” says Marina Abramović. ”Emotional pain gives me trouble”.

The film is not a documentary in the traditional sense, but a medley of spiritual and emotional experiences, and also a film about how art is created. The film crew become participants in the art projects that the artist creates, inquisitively and often with a large sense of detachment, alongside the journey and the filming.

By meeting the locals, taking part in traditional rituals, and going out into the wilderness to experience it, meditate, and take stills, Marina Abramović heightens her consciousness as a human being and consolidates her artistic role and significance to other searching souls.

Contact: Catrin Lundqvist, curator.