Photo of the scuplture, depicting the pope laying on his side, hit by a meteor

Maurizio Cattelan, La Nona Ora, 1999 Installation view: Not Afraid of Love at the Monnaie de Paris, October 21, 2016 to January 8, 2017. Photo, Zeno Zotti. Courtesy, Maurizio Cattelan's Archive.

The Third Hand


23.2 2024


The first collection exhibition of the spring is opening! Get a preview of “The Third Hand – Maurizio Cattelan and Moderna Museet’s collection”, where the artist Maurizio Cattelan’s most iconic works are shown together with art that he has selected from Moderna Museet’s collection. The bar is open and there will be music!

Born in Italy in 1960, Maurizio Cattelan has been living in New York for the past thirty years. Using satire and humour, provocation and seriousness Maurizio Cattelan, questions the conventions of society in general and the art world in particular.

Maurizio Cattelan’s encounter with and selection from Moderna Museet’s Collection extends over six exhibition halls, in which work by Swedish and international artists is shown together with his own.