The Unreliable Tour Guide

16.10 2011


Since 2006 — when he first incarnated the role in the Whitney Museum, New York — the Scottish storytelling artist Momus has been conducting tours of art institutions in which he improvises incorrect yet intriguing information about the artworks on display.

Following his own maxim that “every lie creates the parallel world in which it is true”, Momus proposes that these pieces of institutionally-endorsed misinformation are productive, creating a series of dizzying vistas of alternative possibilities.

At the Moderna Museet he will intervene in the exhibition Magritte-Foucault, inserting provocative, previously- unknown and knowingly-false details about the lives and philosophies of both men. At Östasiatiska Museet he will present the Mishaps in the travels of Bernhard Karlgren, the great Swedish sinologist.

Thanks to: John Henriksson