Videocracy by Erik Gandini

30.3 2010


Meet Erik Gandini and see Videocracy in the Moderna Museet Cinema. Erik Gandini presents and shows his acclaimed and award-winning documentary, Videocracy from 2009. A film about Berlusconism in Italy and the media dominance of prime minister Silvio Berlusconi – an influence that puts gender issues at the centre of politics.

Commercial TV in Italy is reputed as being the worst in Europe and has become a power factor for the current prime minister and media mogul, Silvio Berlusconi. Behind a backdrop of laughter-packed entertainment and scantily-dressed women lies a frightening organisation.

Film director Erik Gandini was born and raised in Italy. He belongs to a generation that has experienced more than 30 years of experiments in TV entertainment. The idea behind the explosion of images in bright colours, with music and dancing by young, curvaceous women, is that viewers should be entertained, not made to think. But what happens when television shapes the norms for reality and the abnormal becomes normal? When the funny programmes just aren’t funny any more? Videocracy portrays a society where the image long ago superseded the word, and where surface and appearance rule the roost.