Group 2

Paul Klee, Ad marginem (detail), 1930. Courtesy Kunstmuseum Basel Bequest of Richard Doetsch-Benziger, Basel 1960 © Paul Klee. Photo: Kunstmuseum Basel, Martin P. Bühler

Ivan Aguéli, Afrikanskt landskap (detail), ca 1914 © Ivan Aguéli. Photo: Moderna Museet


16.1 2016 – 24.4 2016


In 1914, Paul Klee went to Tunisia and discovered that he was a painter. The same year, Ivan Aguéli embarked on his third sojourn in Egypt, the country that shaped his ideas about life and art. A painter, anarchist, Sufi and traveller, Aguéli’s life story is a novel in itself. Klee and Aguéli never met, but they are presented together here, in an exhibition about the two artists and their relationship to the fundaments of visual art: the choice of subject matter, the creative act, and the qualities of the image.


Kairuan, vor dem Thor
Paul Klee , Kairuan, vor dem Thor, 1941 Photo: Moderna Museet
Egyptian Domed House
Ivan Aguéli, Egyptian Domed House, 1914 Photo: Juan Luis Sánchez/Moderna Museet

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