Man standing in the exhibition hall surrounded by works of art.

Pontus Hultén in the exhibition Önskemuseet, Moderna Museet, 1963 Photo: Anders Engman

Chronology exhibitions and events

Here you find a list of all exhibitions and some events that has taken place at the museum until 1998.


Föreningen för Konst (Society for Art) is established on the initiative of Gösta Olsson, head of Svensk-Franska Konstgalleriet (Swedish-French art gallery).


Emma Spitzer donates funds to Nationalmuseum for the founding of a wing or a separate building to house modern art.


Föreningen för Nutida Konst (Society for Contemporary Art) was established on the initiative of Gustaf Engwall to create the foundation for a modern museum.


The Nationalmuseum Committee (Nationalmuseiutredningen) Appointed.


The Nationalmuseum Committee presents its final conclusions and argues in favour of a “transitional museum” for modern art.


Otte Sköld becomes director of the Nationalmuseum on condition that he be given the mandate to create a museum of modern art.


The Friends of Moderna Museet (MMV) is created out of the art societies Föreningen för Nutida Konst and Föreningen för Konst. A total of 149 artworks are donated or loaned to the Nationalmuseum.


In June, the former naval drill hall on the island of Skeppsholmen, designed by Fredrik Blom in 1852, is placed at the museum’s disposal. The navy leaves Skepps holmen in 1953.


Pablo Picasso. Guernica
19 October – 12 December

The naval drill-house on the island of Skeppsholmen is still being refurbished so Picasso is exhibited in temporary premises. Senior Curator is Bo Wennberg. From the very start, the museum ran a large film club that organised film screenings and programmes.

Film Series 2 on the Terrace. Luis Buñuel. 24 November, 1 and 8 December.


Film Series 3. Georges Franju, Jean Vigo. 16, 23 and 30

Film Series 4. Joris Ivens. 15 and 22 October.


Le Corbusier. Architecture, Paintings, Sculptures, Tapestries and Drawings
29 August – 28 September

On 9 May, Moderna Museet is inaugurated by King Gustav VI Adolf and Otte Sköld, Director of the Nationalmuseum.

Avant-garde Film Festival 1. A Propos Eggeling.
13–21 May.

Stockholms Festspel KFUM choir (Grand Swedish Male Choir). 1 June.

Manuel de Falla concert 12 October.

Avant-garde Film Festival 2. 20–29 October.

MMV organises a Fernand Léger evening 30 October in conjunction with Rolf de Maré’s long-term loan of six works.

Bulletin is published by MMV with the first issue appearing in October 1958. The editor is Ulf Linde.

MMV has a membership of 363.


Otte Sköld. Commemorative Exhibition
16 January – 1 March

The Art Association of Handelsbanken
6–24 May

Survey 59
5 June – 30 August

Axel Salto. Graphic Artist, Ceramist and Textile Artist
18 September – 11 October

Sebastian Matta. 15 Forms of Doubt
24 October – 22 November

In the spring a children’s film studio is set up.

Six Voices on the Future with Willy Kyrklund and Bengt Hambraeus; Torsten Renqvist and Hans Nordenström; Staffan Hallström and Öyvind Fahlström; Peder Sjögren and Siri Derkert is held on 22 and 29 April and 4 May.

In May, Film May and Film, Jazz, Poetry are held in collaboration with Swedish Radio. Carl Nordenfalk succeeds Sköld as Director of Nationalmuseum. Bo Wennberg succeeds Nordenfalk as Senior Curator and leaves his position at MM.

Pontus Hultén becomes curator at MM as a work evaluation is carried out. Carlo Derkert is given a permanent position at MM.


Robert Jacobsen’s Dolls at Moderna Museet
5 January – 7 February

Jacques Villon. Paintings and Prints 1902–1959
2 March – 3 April

Siri Derkert
27 April – 6 June

Survey 60
1 June – 30 August

Moderna Museet at Louisiana
1 September – 30 October

Sam Francis
19 September – 30 October

Anna Casparsson. Embroidery
10 October – 13 November

Architecture in Finland
4 November – 11 December
Four Finnish Evenings. Alvar Aalto; Hans Ruin; Gunnar Björling; Music Evenings with works by Jean Sibelius and Einojuhani Rautavaara.

Children from Egypt Weave
2 December – 22 January 1961

Films by Carl Theodor Dreyer are screened between
12 and 15 January.

New free films screened between 9 and 23 March.

Alain Robbe-Grillet. Reading. 28 April.

Anaïs Nin reads and Jean Hugo shows films on 24 May.

John Cage, Solo for Piano, is performed 10 October.

Karlheinz Stockhausen, David Tudor and Christoph Caskel perform 21 November.


Paul Klee. Paintings, Drawings and Prints
11 February – 3 April
Two evenings inspired by Paul Klee. 21 and 24 March.

Sonja Henie’s and Niels Onstad’s Collection of Modern Art
8–30 April

Movement in Art
16 May – 10 September
70,000 visitors.
Abstract – Rhythm – Film. Various events throughout the summer.

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam Visits Moderna Museet
26 December – 27 January 1962

New French films. Jean Rouch, François Truffaut, Agnès Varda, Frédéric Rossif, Nicole Stephane, Ado Kyrou and Georges Franju. 13 and 14 March.

Scandal surrounding the purchase of Constantin Brancusi’s sculpture Le nouveau-né II (1919–21).

K.A. Lind’s honorary award presented to Per Olof Ultvedt.

Bulletin changes its name to Meddelande till Moderna Museets Vänner.


Graphic Preparations
3 February – 11 March

Hannah Ryggen. Tapestries 1933–1961
3 February – 11 March

4 Americans. Jasper Johns, Alfred Leslie, Robert Rauschenberg, Richard Stankiewicz
17 March – 6 May

The New American Cinema – New York Film.
Alfred Leslie, Robert Frank, Jonas Mekas, John Cassavetes, Shirley Clarke among others. 20, 22 and 23 March.

John Cage. New American Music and Poetry. Lecture 25 April.

Skandia Art Association 1944–1962
12 May – 11 June

Jean Arp
15 September – 28 October

Poetry evenings in conjunction with the exhibitions.
19 and 24 October.

Ben Shahn. An American Commentary
16 December – 10 March 1963

11 Photographers Look upon the Swedes
26 December – 10 February 1963

Films from Italy. Luchino Visconti, Vittorio de Sica, Francesco Rosi, Ugo Gregoretti, Pier Paolo Pasolini and Michelangelo Antonioni. 21–28 November.


August Strindberg. Paintings 1870–1907
27 February – 15 April

Jackson Pollock
27 February – 15 April

3 Years’ Acquisitions
20 April – 16 March

Visionary Architecture
20 April – 9 June
Organised by Museum of Modern Art and shown in collaboration with Sveriges Arkitekturmuseum (the Swedish Museum of Architecture).

Survey 63
20 April – 16 June

Tseng Yu-Ho. Paintings
11 May – 30 June
In conjunction with the inauguration of the Östasiatiska museet (Museum of East Asian Antiquities).

6 September – 6 October

Jean Fautrier. Paintings 1921–1963
6 September – 13 October

Carl Kylberg
8–13 October

The Collection of Bo Boustedt
19 October – 1 December

Contemporary Art from the Anna and Kresten Krestensen Collection
19 October – 1 December

Six Italian Painters. Afro, Alberto Burri, Giuseppe Turcato
4–15 December

The Museum of our Wishes
26 December – 23 February 1964
Organised by the Friends of Moderna Museet (MMV). 55,000 visitors.

Poetry on Stage on 4 January including Jean Clarence Lambert and Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd.

French short films from the last two years are screened 15–17 January.

During the rest of the year, several film series are arranged (Poland, Argentina, Yasujiro Ozu), as well as 30 programmes at the Children’s Film Studio.

On 1 May, Pontus Hultén officially takes over as Director of Moderna Museet.

The editor of Meddelande till Modern Museets Vänner as of issue no. 1 1963 is Tage Nilsson. Friends of Fotografiska Museet (FMV) is set up.


American Pop Art. 106 Forms of Love and Despair
29 February – 12 April
The New American Cinema. With films by Ron Rice, Stan Brakhage, Ken Jacobs, Andy Warhol, Jack Smith, Adolfas Mekas, Gregory Markopoulus, George Landow, Kenneth Anger. 17 March – 1 April.

Ken Dewey. Tributes and Floor Plans. Happening.
7 April.

Moderna Museet Visits Helsinki
17 March – 19 April

Sigrid Hjertén 1885–1948. Retrospective
18 April – 31 May

Lyonel Feininger 1871–1956. Water Colours, Drawings and Prints
5 May – 7 June

Art in Concrete
23 May – 17 June

Swish – A Manifestation.
26 September – 18 October

Visual Poems by Artists and Poets. Image-Sound-Poem evenings with the writers from the exhibition. 7 and 14 October, and 4 November.

Fernand Léger 1881–1955. Retrospective
24 October – 29 November

The film Dreams that Money Can Buy by Hans Richter, and Léger’s Ballet Mécanique. 2 November.

Barbara Hepworth
20 November – 27 December

Munch Picasso Klee. From Rolf Stenersen’s Collection
4–27 December

Ulf Linde and P.O. Ultvedt. The Face of a Newspaper
5 December – 3 January 1965
In conjunction with Dagens Nyheter’s 100th Anniversary.

Hundertwasser. Paintings 1950–1964
26 December – 31 January 1965
New Danish films screened 14–20 February.

Films by Chris Marker are screened 24–29 April.

14 May a Nelly Sachs evening is held.

Five New York Evenings held in collaboration with Fylkingen 8–14 September:

Merce Cunningham, Atlas Eclipticalis. To music by John Cage. 8 September.

John Cage and David Tudor play various musical pieces. 10 September.

Yvonne Rainer and Robert Morris, An Evening of Talking and Dancing. 11 September.

Alex Hay, Colorado Plateau. Robert Rauschenberg, Shotput and Elgin Tie. Öyvind Fahlström, from Mellanöl (Medium beer). Steve Paxton, Jag vill gärna telefonera (I really want to make a phone call). Performances. 13 September.

Merce Cunningham, Variations IV. To music by John Cage. 14 September.

Four short films from Cuba are screened 9 December.

MM receives a one-time grant of 5 million crowns from the Swedish state for acquisitions in conjunction with The Museum of our Wishes.

Editor of Meddelande till Moderna Museets Vänner is Olle Granath, later together with Ingrid Svensson.


Rolf de Maré’s Donation and a Few Other New Acquisitions
6–21 February

Axel Törneman and the Woman
12 February – 14 March

Francis Bacon. Paintings 1945–1964
27 February – 4 April

Robert Rauschenberg. Illustrations for Dante’s Divine Comedy, Inferno
19 March – 19 April

Olof Lagercrantz speaks about Dante 19 March.

The Photographic World Fair
27 March – 2 May

In collaboration with Liljevalchs konsthall. François and Bernard Baschet. Sound Sculptures
3–25 April

Wassily Kandinsky
10 April – 30 May

Helmut Gernsheim’s Collection of Duplicates. Camera Classics
29 April – 30 May. FMV

Moderna Museet Visits Landskrona
19 June – 15 August

30 Painters from the ’30s. Swedish and Norwegian Works from the Collection of Moderna Museet in Östersund
3–9 July

The Nationalmuseum and Moderna Museet Show Three Decades of Swedish Art, Skövde.
29 August – 16 September

Moderna Museet organises a Picasso exhibition in Kiruna
3–12 September

Young Photographers 65
11 September – 10 October. FMV

James Rosenquist. F-111
29 September – 17 October

Vincent van Gogh. Paintings, Water Colours and Drawings
23 October – 19 December

More than 100,000 visitors.

The Inner and the Outer Space. An Exhibition on Universal Art
26 December – 20 February 1966
32,657 visitors.

Lectures by Naum Gabo and Pierre Restany.

Films about Yves Klein. 18, 24, 26 and 27 January 1966.

On 2 and 3 September, a dance performance is held by Yvonne Rainer and Robert Morris.

K.A. Lind’s honorary award is presented to K.G. Bejemark.

Nine Marcel Duchamp replicas made by Ulf Linde are donated to MM by MMV.

NUNSKU (the committee for contemporary Swedish art abroad) is founded. NUNSKU’s office will be at Moderna Museet and the committee’s vicechairperson will always be the director of the museum. NUNSKU’s responsibilities include managing Sweden’s participation in the Venice Biennale.

Editor of Meddelande till Moderna Museets Vänner is Ingrid Svensson (September 1965). In December (no. 17) MMV’s periodical changes its name to Meddelande från Moderna Museet.


Moderna Museet Visits Lund
15 January – 20 February

Dada Exhibition
3 February – 27 March
DADA evening in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of Cabaret Voltaire with Ilmar Laaban, Ulf Linde and Eva-Lisa Lennartsson. 3 February. Tristan Tzara’s play The Gas Heart is performed by Uppsala Kammarteater. 9 February.

Karel Appel. Paintings 1947–1965
26 February – 27 March

Africans Weave
5–27 March

Hello Town
2–24 April
Organised by Arkitekturmuseet (the Museum of Architecture).

Louis Isadore Kahn. Architect
19–30 April

The Era of the Artist. An Epoch in the History of Swedish Photography
1–30 June. FMV
Shown at Stockholm Stadsmuseum (Stockholm City Museum).

She – A Cathedral by Niki de Saint Phalle, Jean Tinguely, P.O. Ultvedt
4 June – 4 September

The Hulton Collection
9 July – 6 August

Anna Stridh in Torpa
13 August – 4 September

Claes Oldenburg. Sculptures and Drawings
17 September – 30 October

Claes Oldenburg. Massage. Happening. 3–7 October.

Young Photographers 1966
8–30 October. FMV

Moderna Museet Visits Skövde
2–23 October

Young People from Egypt Weave, 1961–1966
3–20 November

Moderna Museet Visits Oslo
12 November – 11 December

The Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice
26 November – 8 January 1967

The theatre laboratory “13 rader” directed by Jerzy Grotowski performs between 21 February and 2 March.

On 23 September, Pablo Picasso’s sculpture group Déjeuner sur l’herbe is presented.

John Cage. Diary: How to Improve the World (You Will Only Make Matters Worse). Lecture. In Stockholm for guest performance at Stadsteatern. 3 November.

Merce Cunningham. In Stockholm for performance at Stadsteatern. 5 November.

Clothes by Gitt Lagerson displayed. Flärd i förvandling (Vanity in Transition). Arranged by Yrkeskvinnors klubb (Professional women’s club). 9 November.

Lennart Rodhe’s basse-lisse weave Familjen (The Family) displayed. 11–21 November.

Editors of Meddelande från MM are Ingrid Svensson and Thomas Hall (no. 19 – the Dada issue).

Membership of MMV September 1966: 3,159, of whom 1,529 junior members.


News Shots – Press Photographers from Four Evening Papers Reflect the Present Day Life

FMV in collaboration with Svenska Handelsbanken.

Emil Nolde 1867–1956. Paintings and Prints
14 January – 15 February

Henry Heerup, Carl-Henning Pedersen, Palle Nielsen. Earth Heaven Hell.
25 February – 2 April

Wifredo Lam. The Heart’s Thickets, Weapons and Fruits
8 April – 7 May

Poésie Physique. Ghérasim Luca reads poems.
10 April.

Meret Oppenheim
15 April – 28 May

Olle Bonniér. Minos’ Palace. Communications – Simultaneously Insulated in Man and Open Towards Cosmos
29 April – 4 June

Edouard Boubat. Moments in Life
12 May – 4 June. FMV

The S. Grace and Philip Sandblom Collection
9 June – 16 July

Lucio Fontana. Ideas on Space
26 August – 1 October

John Heartfield. Photo Montage Artist
1 September – 1 October

Wieland Herzfelde speaks about his brother’s art
19 September.

22–24 September
The exhibition then goes on tour in Stockholm’s suburbs.

Young Photographers 67
28 September – 17 October. FMV

René Magritte. Retrospective
7 October – 12 November

Raoul Hausmann
21 October – 19 November

Us in Pictures
10 November – December
Organised by FMV in collaboration with the Stockholm City Museum.

Shalom Moskowitz from Safed. From the Biblical World
15 November – 17 December

Bror Hjorth
1 December – 21 January 1968

Pi Lind (Pistolteatern). Living Portraits. 5–9 May.

Sören Brunes (Pistolteatern). Ingång – Utgång (Entrance– Exit). Image and sound composition. 9 May.

Karlheinz Stockhausen. Organised by Fylkingen.

Place of Plays. Margareta Åsberg and Lars-Gunnar Bodin. Music and dance. 23–24 May.

Roland Kempe. Minimager. Paintings on film.

Henri Michaux. Images du monde visionaire. 18 October.

Total theatre or controlled happening. 17–19 November.

Editors of Meddelande från MM are Ann Katrin Pihl Atmer and Ingrid Svensson.


Moderna Museet Visits Tammerfors
9 February – 10 March

Andy Warhol
10 February – 17 March

The Language of the Revolution. Communist Posters from Across the Globe
23 March – 5 May

Szymon Bojko. The New Art of the Revolution, lecture, and screening of the Polish film Posters Speak of Revolution. 29 March.

Saul Steinberg. Drawings and Collages 1955–1967
7 April – 12 May

Walter Hirsch. London, 13 April 1968, 9 am to 11 pm.
22 May – 5 June. FMV

From the Gerard Bonnier Collection
6 June – 25 August

Vladimir Tatlin
3 July – 1 October

The Model – A Model for a Qualitative Society
30 September – 23 October

From an idea by Palle Nielsen. The Olympic Games in Pictures
1 October – 30 November. FMV

Eva Aeppli
5 October – 3 November

Jean Pierre Raynaud
5 October – 3 November

Wladyslaw Hasior
9 November – 15 December

The Bombay Free School. 1–3 March.

On 6 April, films by Jean Luc Godard are screened for 12 hours.

George Brecht and Robert Filliou. The Poetic Science.
10–11 May.

On 5 October, the Children’s Film Studio starts the fall programme. The children’s department gets its own space following Modellen, after part of the second exhibition hall is glassed in and plumbing installed.


Lucien Clergue. Photographs 1954–1967
8 January – 16 February. FMV

Film screening. Delta de Sel and Drame du Tareau.

Julio le Parc. Experimental Place to Experience the Movement of the Eye, Body and Objects
11 January – 16 February

Remo Bianco. Chemical Art. Sephadex – an Aesthetic Experiment
25 January – 16 February

The Swedish Ballet in Paris 1920–1925
27 February – 7 April

From the Dance Museum’s (Dansmuseet) collections.

Film screening. René Clair. Entr’acte.

Alvar Aalto
18 April – 1 June

Raimund Abraham and Friedrich St. Florian. Imaginary Architecture
11 May – 21 June

Young Photographers 69
22 May – 30 June. FMV

Sculpture for the Blind and the Seeing
12 June – 31 August

Max Ernst. Paintings, Collages, Frottages, Drawings, Prints, Books, Sculptures, 1917–1969
13 September – 2 November
Film screening. Max Ernst. Seppo Saves
27 September – 19 October

Sven Erixson
8 November – 4 January 1970

Poetry Must Be Made by All! Transform the World!
15 November – 18 January 1970
The exhibition is accompanied by film screenings, L’Age d’or and Man with a Movie Camera, seminars, dance, theatre, lectures and cabarets.

Åke Karlung. Det värdelösa leendet (The Worthless Smile). A light performance. 11 April.

Fylkingen organises musical guest performances, including The Sonic Arts Group and text and sound performances. 14, 15 and 21, 22 and 24 April.

Zebra. A pantomime performance with Danny Dondrak and music by Mecki Mark Men. 30 July.

Bread and Puppet Theater. The Cry of the People for Meat. 27 September.

Editors for Meddelande från MM from no. 35 are Ann Katrin Pihl Atmer and Anne-Marie Ericsson.


Edward Kienholz. 11+11 Tableaux
17 January – 1 March

7 March – 12 April

An Evening at the Exhibition. With Ragnar von Holten, José Pierre, Hervé Télémaque and Jean Claude Silbermann. 9 March.

David Octavius Hill & Robert Adamson. Two Camera Classics
29 March – 29 April. FMV

Anders Petersen. A Reeperbahn Neighbourhood
9–31 May. FMV

Alternative Suédoise
24 October – 29 November
In collaboration with the Musée d’art moderne de la Ville de Paris.

Oscar Gustave Rejlander. A Swedish Photographer in Victorian Britain
29 October – 29 November. FMV

Posters from Italy and Berkeley, USA
30 October – 10 January 1971

Martin Holmgren. Shapes Looking for a Common Centre. Sculptures and Drawings, 1948–1969
7 November – 13 December

Bernhard and Hilla Becher. Form Through Function
14 November – 6 January 1971. FMV
Conversations with Bernhard and Hilla Becher 16 November.

Piotr Kowalski
5 December – 6 January 1971

Teaterprojekt performs En organisation (An Organisation). 6–15 February.

Hilberts Hotel performs sound environment by La Monte Young. 27 and 28 June.

Solidarity evening for the Black Panther Party 4 July.

Tantra and Thanka from Tibet and India. Tibetan festival. 8–16 August.

TVX-Folkets Television. 16–30 August.

Terry Riley performs The Persian Surgery Orchestra 26 August.

Caféteater Wien together with Gatans Grus perform Sprintorgasmics. 27–29 August.

La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela perform Sound and Light 30 August.

Skeppsholmsfest with music from the Nordic countries. 5–6 September.

Films with varied content. 4 October – 12 November.

Films about China. 6 October – 1 December.

K.A. Lind’s honorary award presented to Gun Maria Pettersson.

The Children’s Film Studio becomes the Children’s Film Club.

Works from the collection are also displayed at the Royal Academy of Art during the summer.

Sole editor for Meddelande från MM is Ann Katrin Pihl Atmer.


Günter Uecker. Visual Objects 1957–1970
16 January – 28 February

Joseph Beuys. Actions
16 January – 28 February

20 January – 14 February

Björn Lövin. The Infinite Consumer and “Mr. P’s Monies”
20 February – 11 April

Report from Hallsta
1–28 March

Filialen’s first exhibition. Richard Paul Lohse
13 March – 18 April

Moderna Museet Visits Liljevalchs
19 May – 5 September

Odd Uhrbom. My Home is Palestine.
21 May – 24 June. FMV

Utopias and Visions 1871–1981
9 June – 29 August

Buckminster Fuller. Spaceship Earth. Film screening.

Gun Kessle (images) and Jan Myrdal (text). The People and the Walls of Power.
2 July – 29 August. FMV

André Kertész. Photographs 1913–1971
4 September – 10 October. FM in collaboration with FMV
This is FM’s first exhibition.

Posters from Cuba
11 September – 17 October

Jacques de la Villeglé. Retrospective 1949–1971
16 October – 21 November

Paul Thek. Pyramid
6 November – 9 January 1972

Vlassis Caniaris. Greek Testimony
27 November – 16 January 1972
Greek music and poetry evening in conjunction with the exhibition 10 January 1972.

Children’s Film Club throughout the fall.

On 1 March, Filialen begins operating under the leadership of Pär Stolpe. It is housed in the navy’s old dining hall in Kasern III, a former barrack, near the School of Naval Warfare. Frequent collaboration with the Friends of Fotografiska Museet. Continues until June 1973. Ongoing debates, information meetings, music evenings and diverse programmes in relation to frequently changing exhibitions.

Pran Nath and Terry Riley perform Indian music.
19, 20, 21 March.

On 7 May, Paradise by Niki de Saint Phalle and Jean Tinguely is unveiled at the bridge pier on the island of Skeppsholmen.

During the summer holidays music festivals are organised with various groups.

Donya Feuer. Dansare på en utställning (Dancers at an Exhibition). 2 and 9 September.

Mauricio Kagel shows films and an instrumental theatre piece. 29–30 November.

On 8 December, Pablo Neruda reads poems.

Fotografiska Museet (FM) is established as a department within Moderna Museet, with its own budget. The collection is built up around Helmut Gernsheim’s Duplicate Collection, Helmer Bäckström’s photohistorical collection and a donation from the Friends of Fotografiska Museet. Åke Sidvall is hired as storekeeper and technician in conjunction with the establishment of the Fotografiska Museet.


Gifts from the Friends of Moderna Museet
22 January – 13 February

Pictures from the 1910s. Paintings, Drawings, Sculptures, Posters, Films, Photos, Newspaper illustrations and Texts that make us See and Experience.
5 February – 9 April

Screenings of SF (Svensk Film) newsreels from the 1910s, as well as other films by, among others, Mauritz Stiller, Victor Sjöström and Anna Hoffmann-Uddgren.

George Grosz. Water Colours and Drawings
19 February – 19 March

Douglass Kneedler. Pigs – svin
25 March – 30 April. FM

People’s Pictures
3 April – 16 May

Albin Amelin. Retrospective
22 April – 28 May

Ove Holmquist and Anders Petersen. Immigrants
27 April – 7 May

Eustachy Kossakowski. 6 Metres in Front of Paris. 159 photographs
29 April – 8 May

Carsten Regild. Nekropolis
6 May – 11 June

Save our Environment
3 June – 27 August

School youths from Sweden give their view on environmentalvproblems. In conjunction with the UN’s Environmental Conservation Conference.

Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd. Kilroy
3 June – 3 September

Jacob Riis. How the Other Half Lived
30 September – 5 November. FMV

Jean Tinguely 1954–1972
7 October – 3 December

Åke Karlung. Aliena Kadabra – a porno-puritanical failure
29 November – 28 January 1973

The films Aliena Kadabra and Homo Ludens are screened.

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner 1880–1938. Water Colours and Drawings from the Franz Josef Kohl-Weigand Collection
16 December – 21 January 1973

On 27 April, Günter Wallraff reads and screens films.

Monica Nieckels is hired as curator in September.


KRO Lottery. The Swedish Artists’ National Organisation
10–25 February

1,500 artists from Konstnärernas Riksorganisation exhibit 2,000 works.

Debate series about artistic expression, art life and art politics in February.

Visible and Invisible. The New Images of Science
17 March – 13 May
In collaboration with FMV. Film screenings held in conjunction.

Enrico Baj. The Funeral of the Anarchist Pinelli. A Painting
12 May – 17 June

19 May – 2 September. FM

Out of our Heads. Pictures from LP Sleeves
19 May – 2 September

Compiled by Thomas Tidholm.

Louise Nevelson 1955–1972
8 September – 14 October

Young Americans. Drawings and Prints.
15 September – 21 October

New York Collection for Stockholm
27 October – 9 December
Initiated and realised by E.A.T. (Experiments in Art and Technology).

The River and the Forest
3 November – 9 December
Indian Painting from the Amazon.

Salvador Dalí
26 December – 24 February 1974

Screenings of Luis Buñuel and Dalí’s films Un Chien Andalou and L’Age d’or.

During the fall, the Swedish Jazz Musicians’ Association and the quintet Emanon hold a number of performances at the museum.

Fiolteatret from Denmark performs Dario Fo’s The Accidental Death of an Anarchist. 22–24 May.

In June 1973, Filialen ends its operations.

Pontus Hultén leaves the museum on 1 September and becomes head of the Musée national d’art moderne, Centre Pompidou in Paris. For several months the museum has no director and is nominally managed by Karin Bergqvist Lindegren and Carlo Derkert. Derkert returns to Nationalmuseum and Lindegren becomes cultural attaché in Bonn, Germany, when the museum gets a new director.

On 1 December, Philip von Schantz takes over as new director.

During the fall Ulf Linde is hired as curator.

Björn Springfeldt is hired as curator after having worked as amanuensis since 1968.

Through the agency of Experiments in Art and Technology, and with support from the Swedish state, a large portion of the exhibition The New York Collection is donated to MM.


Documentary Photography from Japan and Cuba. Two Reportages by Jefferik Stocklassa and Björn Myrman
9 February – 17 March. FM

Torsten Renqvist. Retrospective
9 March – 28 April

Ola Terje. Emmaboda in Our Hearts
6 April – 19 May. FM

Björn Lövin, Sivert Lindblom, Ulrik Samuelson. Live Show
4 May – 3 June

Shipyard Workers. Photographs by Yngve Baum
8 June – 1 September. FM

Posters from Chile
12–23 June
On 19 June, a solidarity evening is organised.

The Changing of the Guards. Photographs by Otmar Thormann
1 July. FM

A Head Museum for the Eighties
13 July – 11 August
An international post-conceptual exhibition organised by Jan Olof Mallander.

Constructivism 1974
3 August – 1 September

Swedish and Finnish artists. In collaboration with Amos Anderson’s Art Museum, Helsinki.

Swedish Images. Photographs by Ralph Nykvist
31 August – 29 September. FM

From Patrik Johnson’s Photo Album. A Chronicle of the People of Falkenberg 1917–1935
31 August – 6 October. FM

Evert Lundquist 1918–1974
7 September – 20 October

Per-Erik Olsson and Per-Erik Åström. Café Bellmansgården
5 October. FM

Hasse Persson. America in Pictures.
19 October – 22 December. FM

Erich Salomon. Unguarded Moments. Pictures of People, Politics and Society in Europe and the USA 1928–1938
2 November – 6 January 1975. FM

Björn Breitholtz. Hagalund
23 November – 22 December. FM

Moderna Museet Visits Solna
30 November – 15 December

Jean-Philippe Charbonnier and Marc Riboud. Photo Journalists
30 November – 28 December

FM in collaboration with Franska Institutet (French Institute).

Edvard Welinder
26 December – 23 February 1975. FM

FM organises an exhibition in Kasern III.

On 5 and 6 February, Steve Reich performs concerts. In collaboration with Fylkingen and Rikskonserter.

Åke Karlung. Den vilsna fredshönan (The Disoriented Peace Hen). 10 and 11 October.

The museum closes 20 October for refurbishment.

FM continues its operations in the old drill hall.

Nina Öhman is hired as amanuensis during the late autumn and works as curator as of 1976.


Moderna Museet Visits Nordjyllands Kunstmuseum
7 January – 15 February

Moderna Museet Visits Louisiana Kunstmuseum
1 March – 20 April

Tore Abrahamsson. Mountainscapes
25 January – 31 March. FM

Four Swedish Photographers. Hans Alenius, Yngve Baum, Jens S. Jensen, Ola Terje
26 February. FM

Jens S. Jensen. Hammarkullen. People in a Suburb of Gothenburg 1973
1 March – 13 April. FM

Odd Uhrbom. Tsito – A Village in Ghana 1973
1 March – 4 May. FM

Bo-Erik Gyberg. A Photographer in Ethiopia
9 April – 25 May. FM

Lars Hesselmark. Kurdistan
9 April – 25 May. FM

Mathias Klintberg. Masses Lauboar. Weekdays and Holidays in the Gotland Parish of Lav, 1902–1922
19 April – 13 July. FM

Walter Hirsch. Thailand – A Photographic Journey 1974
8 May – 8 June. FM

Moderna Museet at Liljevalchs Konsthall
15 May – 28 September

Hans Malmberg. Photographs 1946–1975
29 May – 7 September. FM

Rune Jonsson. Photographs from England and Wales
12 June – 7 September. FM

Felix H. Man. Pioneering Press Photography. Photographs and Photo Reportages 1915–1975
29 August – 9 November. FM

Erik Collin. Press Photographer
20 September – 4 January 1976. FM

Vargen (The Wolf) Culture Magazine
7–30 November

Carsten Regild and Rolf Börjlind are editors who receive material from artists from all over the world.

Henri Michaux
7 November – 1 February 1976

Jan-Håkan Dahlström. The Walls Belong to Us All.
15 November – 4 January 1976. FM

The Collection. Gifts and Acquisitions 1971–1975
26 December – 8 February 1976. FM

On 7 November, MM is re-inaugurated by Prime Minister Olof Palme, and has doubled the exhibition space with a big new hall, two galleries, a film screening auditorium and a new workshop for children. Furthermore, a study hall is set up with an “open” supply room.

K.A. Lind’s honorary award presented to Lars Englund.


Sidney Nolan. Retrospective
17 January – 7 March

Hans Alenius. Highway
31 January – 11 April. FM

Ulf Sjöstedt. Photographs 1961–1975
31 January – 11 April. FM

21 February – 7 March

Walker Evans. American Documentary Photography
6–28 March. FM
Organised by MoMA, New York.

Evert Julner. Swedish Water Towers
20 March – 2 May. FM

Ararat. Alternative Research in Architecture, Resources, Art and Technology
2 April – 25 July

Lectures, debates, seminars in conjunction. Ararat Workshop. Active part for children and adults from 2 April to 20 June.

Spring Photo Exhibition 1976
19 April – 30 May. FM

Arno Rafael Minkkinen
15 May – 20 June. FM

Assorted Fragments. Picture Show with Photographs by Leif Wigh
15 May – 4 July. FM

Denny Lorentzen and Rolf Nerbrant. Norbo. A Village in the Province of Dalarna
23 June – 29 August. FM

Thure Eson. Portrait Photographer
23 June – 12 September. FM

Rein Välme. Estonia
23 June – 26 September. FM

Albatross. The Photographic Documentation of an Event During the First World War
23 June – 10 October. FM

Carl Kylberg. Drawings and Water Colours
21 August – 10 October

Artur Nilsson. Photography from the Swedish West Coast
4 September – 10 October. FM

Christer Hennix. Toposes and Adjoints
4 September – 17 October

American Prints 1913–1963
11 September – 24 October

110 Graphic works from MoMA, New York. Book Illustrations – Picture Books. Henki Thiesen Publisher
25 September – 24 October

Modern Makonde Sculpture 1970–1975
23 October – 28 November

Lars Kleen and Peter Tillberg. Hidden Rooms
23 October – 12 December

A Day in the White House
5–28 November
Image and Myth – an art-educational project by Karl-Olov Björk, Hanns Karlewski, Björn Eneroth and Gert Z. Nordström.

Erik Dietman. Boulevard Dietman. Objects 1962–1976
5 November – 12 December

Keiji Uematsu. Sculpture, Photography, Film, Video
12 December – 23 January 1977

Ralph Gibson. American Photographer
26 December – 30 January 1977. FM

Fotografiska Museet moves into the west wing of Moderna Museet.

Fotografiska Museet starts to publish the periodical Fotografiska Museet Meddelande. It is published until 1988.

Åke Sidvall becomes curator in charge of photographs.

Jan Håfström and Anders Wahlgren’s film Dömd till Dårhus (Sentenced to the Madhouse) about Carl Samuel Graffman is screened 21 February – 13 March.

Christer Hennix. Brouwer’s Lattice. Electronic music environment in light and sound. 20–30 March.

Margaretha Åsberg. Life Boat. Music by Steve Reich. 8–13 June.

Autour d’ Entr’acte. Mime, poetry, music and film with works by Eric Satie, René Clair, John Cage. Performed by Daniel Hjorth, Mats Persson and Kristine Scholz. 3 October.


Adolf Wölfli 1864–1930. World Images
29 January – 6 March
Film about Wölfli by Lionel Miskin and Bernhard Luginbühl.

Alberto Giacometti
12 February – 27 March

Photographers: Emil Heilborn, Sven Järlås, Gunnar Sundgren, Arne Wahlberg
19 February – 11 April. FM

Adhesive Archetypes /Tajunnan Tarroja. Record Singers/Elonkorjaajat
19 March – 30 April
Organised by Amos Anderson’s Art Museum, Helsinki.

Record Singers perform music and dance theatre.
16, 17 and 28–30 April.

Olle Kåks. One Object and 15 Paintings
19 March – 30 April

Eusebio Topooco. Pictures from Imanuta, Bolivia
2–11 April
Displays paintings, plays the flute and tells stories in the Workshop.

Otto Steinert. Photographs 1929–1973
16 April – 15 May. FM

Spring Photo Exhibition 1977
21 May – 19 June. FM

75 photographers – 232 images
Fantastic Photography in Europe
27 August – 25 September. FM

Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd. 25 Years in the Branch
10 September – 6 November

Changing Music Scores
17 September – 6 November
Organised by Anderz Unger.

Ansel Adams. Photographs 1923–1974
8 October – 6 November. FM

Rolf Börjlind. Persona non Grata
15 October – 4 December

Film series with films by David W. Griffith, Joris Ivens, Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, Dziga Vertov, Andy Warhol, James Sibley Watson, Paul Wegener, Robert Wiene, et al.

Claes Oldenburg. Drawings, Water Colours and Prints
29 October – 4 December

Åke Karlung. Bird Speak
10 December – 29 January 1978

Photographers: Curt Götlin, Anna Riwkin, Karl Sandels
10 December – 5 March 1978. FM

On 18 May, Niklas Törnlund performs Mellan istiderna (Between the Ice Ages), an ecological poetry performance with sounds and images to poems by Kenneth Rexroth, Gary Snyder and Niklas Törnlund.

Groupo Rajatabla. Senor Presidente. Based on a novel by Miguel Angel Asturias. 2–3 June.

Skeppsholmsfestival with music, theatre, song and dance takes place between 7 and 17 July.

Dick Higgins. Poetry, film and fluxus pieces. 21–23 July.

Charlemagne Palestine. Time-Tear. Sound performance.
31 August – 1 September.

On 25 September, Carsten Regild’s catastrophe film Sista skriket (The Last Scream).

Quatro Tablas (Peru). Encuentro. 7 October.

Lubomyr Melnyk. Continuous Music. 26 November.

Philip von Schantz steps down as director of the museum and is succeeded by Karin Bergqvist Lindegren.

Ulf Linde leaves the museum and becomes director of Thielska Galleriet.

Leif Wigh is hired as an administrator, later as curator, after having been project-employed since 1973.


Bill Brandt. Photographs 1930–1970
21 January – 26 February. FM

Vilhelm Lundstrøm. Danish Painter
25 February – 2 April

Danish film and music in conjunction. The International Museum of Resistance “Salvador Allende”
4 March – 16 April
Chilean music, theatre and film in conjunction. Workshop with the Marga-Marga group.

A Thousand and One Pictures
1 April – 3 September
Fotografiska Museet’s “Museum of our Wishes”.

Renato Guttuso. Paintings 1934–1977
15 April – 28 May

Max Beckmann. Prints 1911–1946
22 April –11 June

Vassil Simit. 15 x 15 m water. Two-Day Sculpture
9–11 September

Lim-Johan 1865–1944. Erik Johan Olsson
16 September – 5 November

Greeks. Photos and Drawings by Spyros Meletzis, Christos Sourlos, Georgios Theodossiadis
30 September – 29 October

Personal Views 1860–1977
7 October – 26 November
Swedish and international photography from the 1800s and 1900s organised by the British Council along with a selection from the Fotografiska Museet’s collection.

Karl von Appen. Brecht Illustrated
4 November – 10 December

Through Swedish Eyes
2 December – 11 February 1979. FM

Patrick Fleury. Espace VII. Sound and light sculpture in conjunction with the World Music Days. 6–21 May.

Margaretha Åsberg’s film Natten den 19 November (The Night of 19 November) about Carl Jonas Love Almquist is screened 27 May – 18 June.

Vi har ingen folkkultur! (We have no People’s Culture) Documentation and activities. Retrospective on the Skeppsholmsfestivalen 1977. Singing, theatre, folk dance, music, discussions and open workshops. 26 August – 1 October.

Olivier Rahmat’s film Brevet (The Letter) is screened between 21 and 27 October.

Dietman samlar – dit man samlar (Dietman Collects). Free constructions together with children in the Workshop and outside. 17 November – 10 December.


Brigade Paintings. Collective Creativity
18 January – 4 February

Swedish ’70s
27 January – 4 March
Films and videos by Swedish artists. 10–12 February.

Who Owns the World? Culture and Society in the Weimar Republic
17 February – 18 April

Film series with, among others, Slatan Dudow, Wolfram Junghans, Fritz Lang, Paul Wegener. Lecture by Helmut Müssener. Göbel-Trio from Berlin. 4 March.

On 25 March, Theater Manufaktur, Berlin, performs Krieg, Frieden und Inflation.

Josef Sudek. Czech Photographer
24 February – 4 June. FM

Carl Johan De Geer. Comforted by the Camera. 412 Photos 1958–1979
28 April – 4 June. FM

Åke Karlung. The Tower of GlowBabel
20 May – 3 November

Swedish Landscape – In the Eyes of Camera Artists.
8 June – 14 October. FM

From Jonasson to Armstrong-Jones
1 July – 28 October. FM

Children Weave. The Ramses Wissa Wassef School. Harrania in Egypt
15 September – 21 October

Öyvind Fahlström
13 October – 9 December

Films Du gamla du fria (Thou Ancient Thou Free) and Mao Hope March are screened. Ett blocks timme. Music by Bo Nilsson to lyrics by Fahlström.

On 7 November, a talk about Fahlström is held with Olle Granath, Torsten Ekbom, Åke Hodell, Bengt-Emil Johnson, Staffan Olzon and Ilmar Laaban.

Franz Hanfstaengl. Contemporary Portraits 1853–1863
20 October – 13 January 1980

The Bloodbath of Stockholm
31 October – 25 November
Scenery with sculptures by Karl-Olov Björk, Björn Eneroth and Gert Z. Nordström.

45 Photographs by Lewis Baltz, Mark Cohen and Eve Sonneman
22 November – 27 January 1980. FM

Photography 140 Years
5 December – 24 February 1980. FM

Gaudeamus Quartet from Holland. 2 March.

On 17 March, Festivalteatern performs Den vilda fågeln (The Wild Bird).

Panic. Music, poetry and film by and with Rolf Börjlind, Carsten Regild, Bruno K. Öijer. 28–31 March.

Artemim performs Tre dialoger (Three Dialogues) by Dag Hjorth and Labyrinten eller de fyra kuberna (The Labyrinth or the Four Cubes) by Fernando Arrabal.
20–21 April.

Poetry Day 20 May with over forty mostly Swedish poets. Music, singing, film.

Skeppsholmen Week. Om holmens framtid (On Skeppsholmen’s Future). Debate, music, singing, workshops. 7–17 June.

Workshop During the Year. Documentation of the children’s work in the Workshop. 18 June – 2 September.

Annie Hamburger. Stage Fright. 21–22 July.

Margaretha Åsberg. Pyramiderna. Set design by Bård Breivik, music by Steve Reich. 7–23 September.

Collage I – festival for new music. 28–30 September.

Anna Lena Wästberg. Sista natten med Strindberg (The Last Night with Strindberg). Performed by the theatre group Andra Klass. 29 December – 6 January 1980.

Karin Bergqvist Lindegren steps down as director of the museum.

Olle Granath takes over as acting director 1 September. He has previously been employed at the museum for various periods full-time and part-time.

Björn Springfeldt becomes Senior Curator.


New Acquisitions to the Collection
January. FM

Duane Michals. The Journey of the Soul After Death (Reincarnation)
January. FM

Håkan Rehnberg, Johan Scott and Gregor Wroblewski. 5 Objects
2 February – 16 March

The Pleasure Dome. American Experimental Film 1939–1979
16 February – 4 April

Bruce Davidson and Garry Winogrand. Photographs
15 March – 4 May. FM

Jasper Johns. Work Processes. Prints 1960–1976
29 March – 11 May

The film Decoy is screened. Summer Exhibition 1980. Photo Classics
July. FM

Edmondo Za (Zandolini)
September – 2 November

The Devil in Bottnaryd. Baroque Folk Art in Swedish 16th – 18th Century Rural Churches
6 September – 19 October

Walter Hirsch. The Journal of the Heart – Rounds and Friends.
27 September – 9 November. FM

Bäckström’s Pictures!
27 September – 1 February 1981. FM
Professor Helmer Bäckström’s photohistorical collection.

On Kawara. Continuity/Discontinuity 1963–1979
11 October – 23 November

Joel Shapiro. Sculpture and Drawing
31 October – 14 December

Jan Olof Mallander. WANG. An Ongoing Charcoal Drawing
13 November – 31 December

5 × 1000 Years. Channa Bankier, Lena Cronqvist, Gittan Jönsson, Margareta Renberg, Lenke Rothman
26 December – 1 February 1981

David Tudor performs Rainforest together with John Driscoll, Phil Edelstein, Ralph Jones, Martin Kalve.
11–13 January.

Dag Hjorth and Mats Persson. Klavermim. 20–24 May.

Guest performance by six groups. The Kitchen.

Dance, performance, music. 3–5 October.

Vi filmar för livet (We Film for Life). Swedish and international films by women, including Chantal Akerman, Marguerite Duras, Frida Kahlo, Gunvor Nelson, Ulrike Ottinger, Mai Zetterling. 14–19 October.

Anna Lena Wästberg. Sista natten med Strindberg (The Last Night with Strindberg). Performed by the theatre group Andra Klass. 26 December – 30 January 1981.

K.A. Lind’s honorary award presented to Rune Rydelius.

Olle Granath is appointed the new director of the museum 1 April.


It All Started With Atget. Photographs from Fotografiska Museet Collection
January – 6 September. FM

Jacques Henri Lartigue. French Photographer – Six Photographs
January. FM

Robert Capa. Six Photographs
14 February – 6 September. FM

Older Photographic Works from the Collection January – 6 September. FM
Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes, Ferrotypes, Panotypes, etcetera.

Carsten Regild 1953–1981. The Eye of the Wolf
31 January – 15 March

Two films and a poetic ritual by Carsten Regild, Stefan Nilsson and Rolf Börjlind. The films The Eye of the Wolf and Konst är dyrbarare än korv (Art is More Precious Than Sausage). Poetry: Klockan klämtar för dig (The Bell Tolls for Thee). 31 January.

The Dog Arrives In the Course of the Week
14 February – 29 March
A.R. Penck, Per Kirkeby, Markus Lüpertz, Jörg Immendorff. In conjunction with the exhibition, films by Per Kirkeby, among others, are screened.

Look Around in Happiness. Six Photographers – Six Temperaments
14 March – 6 September

Kerstin Bernhard, Lotten von Düben, Henny Lie, Julya Pirotte, Birgitta Ralston and Melissa Shook. Eddie Figge. Paintings and Drawings About Space From the Past 10 Years
11 March – 31 May

Applied Graphic Art at Moderna Museet. A, B, C, D (Art, Image, Copy and Design)
8 August – 6 September
In collaboration with ABCD (Förbundet för Art, Bild, Copy and Design).

Niki de Saint Phalle. Retrospective
12 September – 25 October

A Child has 100 Languages. On Creative Pedagogy at Public Kindergartens in Reggio Emilia, Italy
17 October – 10 November

Moderna Museet Stockholm in Brussels
23 October – 10 January 1982

Olle Bærtling 1911–1981. Creator of Open Form
7 November – 6 January 1982

Blinding Images. Young New Swedish Photography
21 November – 10 January 1982. FM

Leopold Reis. Optisk arkitektur (Optical Architecture). Picture play. 10–15 February.

Vindhäxor perform När vattnet vänder (When the Water Turns). Choreography by Eva Lundquist, set design by Rolf Hanson. 18–22 February.

Michael Laub. Snapping. Video performance. 24–29 March.

Sylvia Palacios Whitman. Personal Images. Performance. 22–25 April.

Erwin Leiser. Films about artists and their art. 22–26 April.

Artemim. Ostindiska masker (East Indian Masks). 2–6 May.

On 30 May, Oskar Fischer screens an abstract animated film.

Collage 2 – festival of new music. 31 May – 3 June.

Jon Appleton and Charles Dodge. Electronic music performance. 27 September.

Concert 11 October with Arild Andersen and Steve Dobrogosz.

Writers for peace, poetry and prose. 24 October.

The publication Moderna Museet is launched.
Editor from issue no. 1 1981 is Mats B.


Gunnar Smoliansky. Children in South Stockholm, 1955–1965
30 January – 14 March. FM

20/20/20 Three Swedish Women Photographers. Kerstin Bernhard, Birgitta Ralston, Ulla Lemberg
1–28 March. FM

Organised by FM for Cameravision, Los Angeles. Photographs by Robert Frank, Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol
20 March – 2 May. FM

E K O Lars Englund, Bernard Kirschenbaum, Kjell Ohlin
20 March – 2 May

Harald Lönnqvist. Photographs circa 1918–1941
27 March – 2 May. FM

Selected Works from the Collection. International 1970s Photography
27 March – 9 May. FM

Mark Edwards. British Reportage Photographer
27 March – 16 May. FM

Lotte Jacobi. Portrait Artist of the Inter-war Period
18 April – 23 July. FM

Marcel Broodthaers 1924–1976
15 May – 27 June

Josef Sudek. Czech Photographer
18 May – 15 August. FM

Seconds, Centimetres, Passes and Goals. Photographs ca 1900–1950 from the Collection of Sweden’s Central Association for the Promotion of Sports at Fotografiska Museet
18 May – 5 September. FM

Swedish Pictorialists. Photographs from 1900–1930
9 June – 14 November. FM

New Acquisitions of Swedish and International Photography for Fotografiska Museet 1981–1982
24 June – 10 October. FM

Bill Brandt. Documentary Surrealist
17 August – 14 November. FM

Gerry Johansson. Romance and Realism
11 September – 24 October. FM

Marc Chagall
25 September – 9 January 1983

297,000 visitors. Lectures, music and literature in conjunction during the fall.

Barbara Morgan. Dance Photographs, Photo Montages and Formal Studies
5 October – 21 December. FM

Lucien Aigner. Aigner’s Paris
13 November – 9 January 1983. FM

Uno Falkengren. Fragments of an Epoch
26 December – 13 February 1983. FM

Guest performance of Momentum by Theaterschool in Amsterdam 12–14 February.

Teater Schahrazad performs Dr Dappertutto 16–21 February.

Eva Lundquist performs Fjärran från Kaukasus (Far from the Caucasus), solo dance to music by Mats Persson. 24–28 February.

Robert Broberg. Zero. 5–7 February and 26–28 March.

Dance and performance. Field by and with Mary Fulkerson and Chris Crickmay and Torn Mountain by Julyen Hamilton and Mattieu Keijser. 9–12 April.

On 22–24 April, Claes Söderquist’s film Epitaf is screened.

On 22 May, Lubomyr Melnyk performs music for solo piano.

Poetry day 30 May, including Siv Arb, Åke Hodell, Johannes Edfelt and Göran Sonnevi.

Summer Exhibition in the Workshop. 1 June – 30 August.

Concerts in the garden during the summer.

On 8 June, Laurie Anderson performance and concert.

Cabaré Octo-Puss by children from Tågarp. 28–29 August.

Poetry day 17 October with Gary Snyder, Gösta Friberg, Reidar Ekner, Niklas Törnlund and Helena Brodin.

Michael Laub and Remote Control Production.

White Out. Performance. 29–31 October.

Teatre La Claca, Catalonia, puppet theatre, guest performance 13–14 November.


Otte Sköld. 1894–1958. From the Collection 1 January

Mario Merz
5 February – 20 March

Ulla Lemberg. See the Woman
12 February – 20 March

Henri Cartier-Bresson. Photographer
12 March – 24 April. FM

Jan Fridlund. Paris 1957–1959
26 March – 8 May. FM

Tore Johnson. Photographer
26 March – 8 May. FM

Dick Bengtsson
2 April – 15 May

Russian Avant-garde. From the Collection of George Costakis
23 April – 5 June

The Books of the Russian Avant-garde from the British Library
23 April – 5 June

Three evening performances 17, 18 and 19 May with reconstructions of choreography, costumes and poetry from the Russian avant-garde.

Byteatern Theatre
28 May – 24 July

Recent Acquisitions of the Fotografiska Museet Collection
11 June – 7 August. FM

Photographers and the Swedish Landscape
11 June – 14 August. FM

Russel Lee. FSA Photographer
10 September – 16 October. FM

Francesco Clemente. The Fourteen Stations
10 September – 23 October

Photography Classic: Carl Gustaf Rosenberg – Outdoor Photographer
10 September – 19 January 1984. FM

Willem de Kooning. The North Atlantic Light 1960–1983
17 September – 30 October

Lennart af Petersens. Retrospective
1 October – 13 November. FM

Emmanuel Sougez. Still-lives and Studies of Light
22 October – 22 November. FM

Roland Kempe
29 October – 11 December

René Magritte. The Veracity of the Image. Cinematography and Photography
19 November – 8 January 1984

Dawid. ROST
3 December – 29 January 1984. FM

Audio. Sound concert with Peter R. Meyer and the radio programme Nattövning (Night Training) 12 March – 10 April.

Nordic Film. Documentaries – Experiments – Motion Pictures 1924–1983 shown 26 March – 10 April.

On 6–9 May Moderna Museet celebrates its 25th anniversary 1958–1983.

Summer Exhibition in the Workshop. 11 June – 28 August.


Karl Werner Gullers
20 January – 17 May. FM

Barbro Östlihn. Paintings from New York – Stockholm – Paris 1962–1983
21 January – 4 March

Daniel Buren. Coincidences. Works in situ
28 January – 11 March

Roland Topor. Piccolo Blitz
28 January – 11 March

Björn von Rosen. Birds in Ethiopia
4 February – 18 March

French Photography from the Museum Collection. Brihat, Sudre, Boubat
8 February – 11 March. FM

Otmar Thormann. Photographs – Variations
31 March – 3 June. FM

Francis Picabia
7 April – 25 May

Vanishing Points. Mel Bochner, Tom Doyle, Dan Graham, Eva Hesse, Sol LeWitt, Robert Smithson, Ruth Vollmer
14 April – 27 May

Photography Classic: Rolf Winquist – Portrait Artist with a Penchant for Experiments
19 May – 6 December. FM

Recent Acquisitions in Fotografiska Museet Collection
19 June – 26 August. FM

Edmondo Za
1–23 September

Acquisitions after 1983
1 September – 21 October

Per L.-B. Nilsson. Chicago. Photographs 1981–1983
1 September – 21 October. FM

Jonathan Borofsky
8 September – 21 October

The Frozen Image. Scandinavian Photography
15 September – 21 October
Travelling exhibition that began 1982 at Walker Art Center, Minneapolis.

Göran Hägg
19 September – 7 October
Installation in the Cinema.

Henri Matisse
3 November – 6 January 1985
180,532 visitors, which in MMV Bulletin no. 1/1985 is compared to the 196,886 visitors who attended the Stockholm car show.

Guillaume Berggren. Photographic Panoramas from the Straits of Bosporus and Constantinople
3 November – 16 December. FM

Werner Bischof. Photographs 1947–1954
8 December – 27 January 1985. FM

Arne Wahlberg. A Master of New Objectivism in Photography
8 December – 10 March 1985. FM

Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd. Susan Sontag. The Unseen Alphabet
27 December – 3 February 1985

Reuterswärd acts as a “periodic headline saboteur” in MMV Bulletin (no. 1–4 1984).

MMV Bulletin is revived in February, editor Jaana Johansson (from no. 3), Mats B. is “stand-in” editor for no. 2.

Meredith Monk, together with Nicky Paraiso, performs in a concert 29 May.

Trisha Brown Dance Company performs between 11 and 13 June. Music by Robert Ashley and Laurie Anderson, set design by Robert Rauschenberg, among others, costumes by Donald Judd, among others.

David Tudor performs Sea Tails, a video installation with music, in collaboration with Molly Davies and Jackie Matisse. On 2 September, Tudor also performs Dialects. Liknande röster (Dialects. Similar Voices), electronic music.

Summer Exhibition in the Workshop between 16 June and 2 September.

K.A. Lind’s honorary award presented to Sivert Lindblom.

The Workshop presents its operations at the Centre Culturel Suédois in Paris. 27 September – 8 November.


Olle Kåks
2 February – 24 March

Lewis Baltz and Mikael Levin. Personal Landscapes
9 February – 24 March. FM

Stina Ekman. Lattice
16 February – 31 March

Photography Classic: Oscar Halldin – Press Photographer, A Pioneer with a Love of the Great Outdoors
12 March – 23 June. FM

Exhibition. Dialogue on Contemporary Art in Europe
30 March – 23 June

The Latest Five Years of Acquisitions and Gifts, the Moderna Museet Collection 1980–85
1 April – 30 September

Bill Viola. Room for St. John of the Cross
26 April – 28 May

The Association of Swedish Photographers, 90th Anniversary
11 May – 23 June. FM

Recent Acquisitions
29 June – 15 September. FM

Photography Classic: Nils Björsell – Fifteen Photographs from the Late 1800s
6 July – 6 October. FM

24 August – 6 October

Dialogue. Eight Polish Artists with Guests
7 September – 20 October
On 19 October, a Polish poetry evening is organised.

John Webb. In the Age of the Landscape
14 September – 10 November. FM

Rolf Hanson
16 September – 19 January 1986

Gunnar Asplund (1885–1940)
22 September – 3 November

Helen Levitt. Photographs
28 September – 24 November. FM

Olle Bonniér. The Wild Dog
16 November – 8 December

Erik Wipp. Photographs 1963–1985
16 November – 6 January 1986. FM

The County of Halland in the Footsteps of Carl Gustaf Rosenberg. Photographs by Gerry Johansson and Carl Gustaf Rosenberg
30 November – 26 January 1986. FM

Photography Classic: Ferdinand Flodin
6 December – 5 June 1986. FM

Ralf Turander. Shattered Illusions
14 December – 19 January 1986. FM

Peak Time. Performance and videos by Roland Spolander and Bill T. Olsson including several others from Umeå. 24–27 January.

Lennart Hansson and Nino Monastra. Harmonious Interpreting Mix-Up. Video installation for five monitors. 15–24 February.

On 15–31 March, West German experimental films from the 1960s, ’70s, ’80s are shown in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut.

Summer Exhibition in the Workshop. 15 June – 1 September.

Concerts in the park throughout the summer.

Young Nordic Film Festival on the initiative of the Royal Academy of Art. 16–23 August.

Performance Fragilissimo performed 9 and 10 November by Marina Abramovi´c, Ulay, Michael Laub, and Edmondo Za.

Carsten Regild is “periodic headline saboteur” in the MMV Bulletin (no. 1–4 1985).

Onita Chaudhuri is editor for MMV Bulletin from 2 1985.

During the fall, MMV starts “Tisdagsklubben” (The Tuesday Club).


Ivan Aguéli
1 January – 1 February

Jan Groth. Drawings 1975–1985
25 January – 9 March

Erland Cullberg
1 February – 30 March

Photography Classic: Emil Heilborn – New Objectivism and Realism
11 March – 15 June. FM

Christer Strömholm. Nine Seconds of My Life
15 March – 27 April. FM

Jazz at Fotografiska Museet. International Jazz Photography
12 April – 8 June. FM

Bjørn Nørgaard. Objects – Sculptures – Tableaux
19 April – 1 June

Rooms for Meetings
10 May – 8 June
In conjunction with the Swedish Association of Architects’ (SAR – Svenska Arkitekters Riksförbund) 50th Anniversary.

Works from the Collection
18 June – 15 September

Idyll and Metropolis. From the Collection
24 May – 30 September

More about 100 Languages
16 August – 5 October

Larry Clark. Photographs
20 September – 16 November. FM

Gert Marcus
4 October – 16 November

Gösta Peterson. Dragonflies
18 October – 30 November. FM

Torsten Andersson
25 October – 11 January 1987

Gunnar Smoliansky. 6 × 9 Promenade Pictures
1 November – 14 December. FM

Marcel Duchamp
15 November – 25 January 1987

Art Photography in Scandinavia Today
28 November – 4 January 1987. FM
Shown in Düsseldorf.

Sune Jonsson. Back Home. Photographs
29 November – 8 February 1987. FM

Hilding Linnqvist
26 December – 22 February 1987

Summer Exhibition in the Workshop. 14 June – 15 August.

On 17–28 September, a retrospective Ulrike Ottinger film series is screened.

“Periodic headline saboteur” is Harald Lyth (no. 1–4 1986).

Kjell Strandqvist is the MMV’s grant recipient, a new art grant that will be awarded every other year.

Editor for MMV Bulletin is Margareta Öqvist (from no. 2 1986).

Björn Springfeldt steps down as Senior Curator. Lars Nittve becomes curator.


Karl Edvard Stenquist. Customs Officer and Stockholm
From 27 January. FM

Erik Dietman. First Class Single – A Retrospective Exhibition of Works from 1955–1987
21 February – 5 April

Robert Whitman. Northern Dark
1 March – 1 April

Two older films, Prune Flat and Light Touch, are screened 5–8 March, new screening 19–21 March.

Ivan Aguéli 1869–1917. From the Collection
7 March– 19 April

Fotografiska Museet Exhibits its Collection. A New Selection of Swedish and International Photography
15 March – 3 January 1988

Barnett Newman. Collected Prints
17 April – 28 May

Markus Raetz. Works from 1960–1986
25 April – 7 June

The Stockholm Suite. Photographs by Bruno Ehrs
9 May – 21 June. FM

Music by Tom Wolgers. Given by MMV 1977–1987
6 June – 4 October

Paintings and Sculpture from the Collection
27 June – 4 October

Karl Sandels. Swedish Regenerator of Press Photography
23 June – 6 December. FM

Irving Penn. Photographs from Five Decades
19 September – 31 October. FM

Åke Hodell. Journeys in an Inner Landscape. 1952–1987
17 October – 29 November

Implosion. A Postmodern Perspective
24 October – 10 January 1988

24 October – 1 November Gretchen Bender. Total Recall. Video screening. Further film screenings in conjunction with the exhibition, including Dara Birnbaum, Klaus vom Bruch, Andy Warhol and David Byrne.

Björn Lövin. On the Personal. An Environment
28 November – 10 January 1988

Good Night Mr Moon. A performance by and with the author Jonas Gardell, electronic music, a baroque ensemble, three dancers, and an opera singer. 14, 15, 17 and 18 January.

Beckmans MODErna. Fashion show by graduating students 4–7 June.

Summer Exhibition in the Workshop. 13 June – 30 August.

Niki de Saint Phalle and Jean Tinguely’s Paradise are moved from the southern bridge pier to the slope in front of MM.


Nils Dardel 1888–1943
30 January – 3 April

Photographs by Ann Christine Eek, Sven Westerlund and Håge Wiktorsson
6 February – 10 April. FM

25 Photographs from Professor Helmer Bäckström’s Collection of Historical Photography
6 February – 17 April. FM

Photography Classic: Professor Helmer Bäckström. Not Just a Historian
6 February – 17 April. FM

Lennart Rodhe
16 April – 5 June

Edward Weston. 22 Photographs from California and the West
23 April – 9 October. FM

New Perspectives. Acquisitions and Gifts 1986–1987
7 May – 11 September

Roy DeCarava. Seasons
24 September – 27 November. FM

Pablo Picasso
15 October – 8 January 1989
Picasso Portrayed Photographs of Picasso by Robert Doisneau, David Douglas Duncan, Yousuf Karsh, Arnold Newman, Julia Pirotte. 277,000 visitors.

Summer Exhibition in the Workshop 11 June – 28 August.

K.A. Lind’s honorary award is presented to Torsten Renqvist.

Eddie Figge sets up a foundation to build a new building for Moderna Museet.


Photography Classic: Gösta Hübinette. Popular Photographer in the Salons of the Pictorialists
1 January – 10 September. FM

Chris Killip. 11 Photographs
25 February – 23 April. FM

Guillaume Berggren. Photographic Panoramas from the Straits of Bosporus and Constantinople
11 March – 21 April
At FM 1984, now in Istanbul and Västerås.

Walter De Maria. Two Very Large Presentations
11 March – 7 May

Brian Weil. From the Series Murders in Miami and Sex Pictures
18 March – 14 May. FM

Richard Hamilton. Technology Idea Artwork
1 April – 15 May

Dalí and Books
12 May – 25 June

Gerard Bonnier’s Donation
27 May – 30 August

150th Anniversary of Photography. Swedish and International Photography 1840–1989 from the Museum Collection
8 July – 24 September. FM

Portraits of Photographers and Others Working in the Field of Photography
8 July – 24 September. FM

44 Works Donated by the Eddie Figge Foundation for the New Moderna Museet
8–13 August

Klaus vom Bruch. Surface to Surface. A Video and Sculpture Installation
9 September – 15 October

Earth and Freedom. Art in Latin America 1830–1970
16 September – 19 November

Lennart Olson. Photographs
7 October – 19 November. FM

Ralph Gibson. L’Oeil Flottant – A Vertical Journey
9 December – 11 February 1990. FM

Stig T. Karlsson. Around the World with a Camera
9 December – 11 February 1990. FM

Hilma af Klint. Occult Painter and Pioneer of Abstract Art
26 December – 18 February 1990

Kandinsky and Sweden
26 December – 18 February 1990

Editor for MMV Bulletin from no. 1 1989 is Bo Nilsson.

MM receives 23 works in a bequest from Gerard Bonnier’s collection.

Summer Exhibition in the Workshop 10 June – 27 August.

Einar Hylander dies 3 July 1989 and donates his apartment on Narvavägen, Stockholm, to Statens konstmuseer (National Art Museums).

Robert Whitman performs Fast Cloud between 11 November and 3 December.

Björn Springfeldt becomes the new director of MM and succeeds Olle Granath who becomes Director of Statens konstmuseer.

Lars Nittve leaves MM and in 1990 becomes Director of Rooseum in Malmö.

MMV’s grant is awarded to Jan Svenungsson.


Photography Classic: Albin Küller. Swedish Photographer in France
From 1 January. FM

Christer Strömholm. Artist Portraits
From 1 January.
Displayed in the restaurant.

The Breakthrough of Modernism. Nordic Painting in 1910–1920
13 January – 4 March

Robert Frank. The Lines of My Hand
24 February – 8 April. FM

Photography Classic: Erik Collin. Reportage Photographer
10 March – 6 May. FM

Reflections. Moderna Museet’s Acquisitions of Works by 29 Young Swedish Artists in the 1980s
10 March – 6 May

Einar Jolin 1890–1976
17 March – 13 May

Photographs by Uno Falkengren, Henry B. Goodwin, Bill Owens, Milton Rogovin, Carl Gustaf Rosenberg, Eric Rosenberg, August Sander, Melissa Shook, Rolf Winquist. From the Fotografiska Museet Collection
1 June – 9 September. FM

Åke Karlung. Thalatta. Brain Waves in the Ocean of Peace… and War
8 June – 30 September

Curt Götlin 90! A Selection of Works from the Curt Götlin Bequest 1973
9 June – 9 September. FM

Jean Cocteau. 12 August 1916. 19 Photographs
15 September – 4 November

Paradigm. Photographs by Hans Cogne, Åke E:son Lindman, Lennart Durehed, Tuija Lindström and Håkan Valentin
22 September – 4 November. FM

Marina Abramović and Ulay. The Lovers. The LongWalk along the Chinese Wall
29 September – 11 November

Ivar Lo-Johansson and Art
6 October – 11 November

Per Kirkeby
13 October – 25 November

Photography Classic: Evert Julner. Photography Researcher with an Interest in Form
10 November – 6 January 1991. FM

Endre Nemes. Paintings, Sculptures, Drawings, Books, Films 1964–1990
24 November – 13 January 1991
Prints by Nemes are exhibited at Nationalmuseum at the same time.

Walker Evans. American Photographs
17 November – 6 January 1991. FM

Lust, Summer Exhibition in the Workshop 9 June – 26 August.

Videos by Gary Hill from 1973–1989 are screened in the Cinema 24 November – 16 December.

Håkan Rehnberg is awarded MMV’s art grant.

Erik Wessel-Fougstedt dies and his estate his donated to the Royal Academy of Art. On the initiative of Maj Fougstedt. MM is given the opportunity to acquire 17 artworks by Erik Wessel-Fougstedt and Arvid Fougstedt, which are exhibited in September.

During the winter, an architecture competition is announced for the building of a new museum.

Bo Nilsson becomes curator after having worked as a substitute curator since 1988.

Curator Åke Sidvall leaves the museum and starts working at Nordiska Museet (Nordic Museum).


Interlude. Photographs by Ansel Adams, Diane Arbus, Bill Brandt, Lotte Jacobi, André Kertész, Lisette Model, Paul Strand, Edward Weston
19 January – 3 March

From Fotografiska Museet Collection. Interface. Nordic Video Art
22 January – 6 February

Transparencia Azul
23 February – 7 April
Nordic Contemporary Art Travelling to Latin America.

Elle Klarskov-Jørgensen. Cykelskulptur eller cyklar med låda (Bicycle sculpture or bicycles with box)
9–24 March

Carl Gustaf Rosenberg. The Bergslagen Region
16 March – 28 April. FM

Another Story. Photographs of Evert Jansson’s Riddarhyttan
16 March – 28 April. FM
Compiled and selected by Lasse Mellberg.

Fredrik Wretman. American Floors
23 March – 5 May

Metaphor and Matter – Panamarenko, Ulf Rollof, Tom Shannon
23 March – 5 May

Ross Bleckner. Paintings 1981–1990
13 April – 26 May

Lika Med (Equal To). Contemporary Swedish Photography
25 May – 4 August
Compiled by the Association of Swedish Photographers.

6 from Berlin. The Reflections and Reactions of 6 Young Artists During a 6-week Stay in Stockholm, Spring 1991
4 May – 2 June

Summer Lust. Acquisitions of the Latest Two Years, Fotografiska Museet Collection.
18 May – 1 September. FM

Swedish Classics from the Years Around 1920
25 May – 4 August
From the collection.

Barbro Bäckström 1939–1990. Commemorative Exhibition from the Collection
15 June – 15 September

Skulptur – är det inte nå’t man snubblar på när man går baklänges för att titta på en tavla? (Sculpture – isn’t that something you trip over when you walk backwards to look at a painting?)
20 June – 15 September
From the collection.

Peter Weiss. Paintings, Drawings, Collages, Films, Drama, Literature, Politics
13 August – 13 October

Anna Riwkin. Selected Works
14 September – 3 November. FM

Ralph E. Meatyard
14 September – 3 November. FM

Paul Hill
14 September – 3 November. FM

Ralph Nykvist, Anders Petersen. The Venice Carnival
14 September – 3 November. FM

Paris in the 1950s
5–30 October
From the collection.

The Helms Bequest. From the Publishers Adam and Greta Helms
5 October – 3 November

Ola Billgren. A Retrospective
26 October – 8 December

Hans Pålsson plays romantic music.

Dawid 135-36. One Hundred Photographs1968–1991
16 November – 19 January 1992. FM

Petter Antonisen. Vatten (Water)
16 November – 19 January 1992

Pop Art & Nouveau Réalisme
26 December – 9 August 1992
From the collection.

Editor for MMV Bulletin from no. 1 1991 is Sören Engblom.

Membership in MMV 1991 is 5,812.

On 10 April, Rafael Moneo is announced the winner of the architecture competition for the new MM.

Stolar, golv och kärlek (Chairs, Floors, and Love)
Summer Exhibition in the Workshop 8 June – 11 August.

Art against AIDS, a programme at MM with, among other, Jonas Gardell 17 –18 August.

K.A. Lind’s honorary award is presented to Einar Höste.

Björn Lövin receives the Georg Arsenius award.


Lee Jaffe. Cordially Yours
1 February – 29 March

Eight Collections of Photographs by Lewis Baltz, Bernhard & Hilla Becher, Denis Brihat, Paul Caponigro, Kenneth Josephson, Kipton Kumler, Duane Michals, Jerry Uelsmann
8 February – 12 April. FM

Kiki Smith
12 April – 7 June

Photography Classic: Carl Jacob Malmberg
25 April – 8 June. FM

Gerry Johansson, Carl Johan Malmberg, Gunnar Smoliansky. Trivia
25 April – 8 June. FM

Inga Lovén and Fredrik Wretman
2 June – 2 August
Winners of the art grant from MMV.

Stockholm Areas. Photographs 1860–1990
18 June – 30 August. FM

The Poetry of Matters. From Josephson to X-et. From the Collection
21 June – 31 January 1993

Helmut Federle
22 August – 11 October

Danny Lyon. Photo Film
12 September – 25 October. FM

Rooms Between Rooms. Agnes Monus, Ria Pacquée, Magnus Bärtås, Jan Svenungsson, Måns Wrange
12 September – 1 November

Fantastika. A Surrealist Tradition in Swedish Art
1 October – 31 December

Recent acquisitions to the collection. Léger and the North
24 October – 10 January 1993

5+1. 6 Young Nordic Photographers
7 November – 10 January 1993. FM

Dick Bengtsson and Elis Eriksson
21 November – 10 January 1993
New acquisitions to the collection.

Joakim Pirinen. Öyvind and the Sugar-Bear. Theoretic Satirical Drawings.
28 November – 31 January 1993

Heartiest Greetings to Body and Soul! Summer Exhibition in the Workshop 13 June – 27 August.

Jan-Erik Lundström becomes Director of Photography.

Fredrik Wretman and Inga Lovén share the MMV art grant.


STIL – From the Fotografiska Museet Collection and Works Borrowed from the Karin and Lars Hall Camera Obscura Collection
24 April – 24 October. FM

Seen Subjectively. Hans Hammarskiöld
23 January – 12 April. FM

Robert Mapplethorpe. Retrospective
30 January – 21 March. FM

Rune Jansson. A Donation from the Artist
13 February – 28 March

Carl Kylberg – Ragnar Sandberg – Evert Lundquist. Three Painters
13 February – 18 April

Bill Viola. Beyond the Eye. Seven Spaces with Sound and Electronic Images
8 April – 23 May

Patrik Karlström. Influence
17 April – 6 June. FM

Catwalk. Six Swedish Fashion Photographers Show their Photographs
24 April – 24 October. FM

Eva Aeppli. From the Collection, Regarding a Donation by Niki de Saint Phalle, Philip Matthews and Samuel Mercer
24 April – 13 June

Recent Acquisitions to the Collection
12 June – 3 October

Prospect. New Acquisitions and Visions in the 1990s
12 June – 14 January 1994. FM

Lage Lindell 1920–1980. Commemorative Exhibition
21 August – 17 October

Lewis de Soto. Tatualtapa Project
28 August – 10 October. FM

Luiz Gonzalez Palma. Portrait
28 August – 10 October. FM

Nan Goldin. The Ballad of Sexual Dependence
4 September – 3 October. FM

Arne Jones 1914–1976
11 September – 7 November

Karen Knorr. A Retrospective
16 October – 28 November. FM

Photo Fair, Gothenburg, 1993
21–24 October
From the Fotografiska Museet Collection

Anders Widoff. All Names
30 October – 5 December

Selected Swedish Works from the Collection
30 October – 23 January 1994

The Lie of the Land
4 December – 23 January 1994. FM

In March MM acquires around forty per cent of Fredrik Roos’s collection of Nordic art.

K.A. Lind’s honorary award is presented to Ulf Rollof.

MMV celebrates its 40th anniversary.

On 8 November, six works by Picasso and two by Braque are stolen in a robbery of MM.

Rött snitt (Red Cut). Video and films, selected by gallerist Thomas Nordanstad, by Roddy Bogawa, Sadie Benning, Cheryl Donegan and Greta Snider are screened between 27 November and 5 December.


Away and At Home – Nordic Contemporary Art in the Borderland. Björk, Claus Carstensen, Lars Nilsson, Mariana Uutinen, Sverre Wyller
22 January – 13 March

Alfredo Jaar. Nguyen
29 January – 27 March. FM

Gerhard Richter
12 March – 8 May

Moderna Museet Visits Vikingsbergs Museum
14 May – 24 July

Anna Riwkin
25 May – 25 September. FM
Shown at Judiska Museet (Jewish Museum).

Moderna Museet Visits Bildmuseet in Umeå
28 May – 5 March 1995

Earth. Global Change
4 June – 9 October

Fotodiffusione Turin. Of Pictures and Things
20–24 July. FM

Moderna Museet Visits Jönköpings Läns Museum
19 November – 31 March 1995

Jan Håfström and Jan Håfström Selects Works from the MM Collection
12 November – 8 January 1995

MM leaves the island of Skeppsholmen on 1 April and moves to Spårvagnshallarna (a former tram depot), where it opens 4 June. Richter is the last exhibition in the old premises on Skeppsholmen.

A large part of the collection is shown throughout the country at various museums during the years leading up to the re-opening.

MMV’s art grant is awarded to Torsten Andersson.


Willie Doherty and Andreas Gursky
4 February – 17 April. FM

Gary Hill. Tall Ships
4 February – 17 April

From Moderna Museet’s Acquisition of Works from the Fredrik Roos Collection of Nordic Art
4 February – 17 April

Photographic Histories. Selected works from the Fotografiska Museet collection. Fotografiska Museet visits Bildmuseet in Umeå
18 March – 12 September. FM

Allan Sekula. Fish Stories
6 May – 27 August. FM

The Masterpieces Returned
6 May – 27 August

Seven of the works stolen in November 1993 are returned to the museum.

Day of Europe
10–23 May

Moderna Museet Visits Södermanlands Läns Museum
13 May – 17 September

Moderna Museet Visits Varbergs Museum
11 June – 13 August

Moderna Museet Visits Konstmuseet in Skövde
15 June – 30 August

Moderna Museet Visits Sundsvall. International Art
10 September – 29 October

Moderna Museet Visits Västernorrlands Läns Museum
16 September – 7 January 1996

Carl Curman, Timo Kelaranta, Sven Westerlund
23 September – 19 November. FM

Nine Questions on Light. Swedish Painting 1873–1995
23 September – 19 November

Swedish and International Classics from the Moderna Museet Collection
23 September – 19 November

Moderna Museet Visits Rooseum
23 September – 3 December

Moderna Museet Visits Östersunds Läns Museum
1 October – 25 February 1996

New Swedish Photographic Art. Fotografiska Museet Visits Länsmuseet in Gävleborg
14 October – 14 January 1996. FM

August Sander
9–12 November. FM
Photo Fair in Gothenburg 1995.

Swedish and International Classics from the Moderna Museet Collection
22 November – 17 December

Irving Penn. Photographs. A Donation in Memory of Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn
26 December – 18 July 1996. FM

Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn. Sculptures and Works on Paper
26 December – 3 March 1996

Summer Exhibition in the Workshop 17 June – 27 August.

Blått snitt (Blue Cut). New Swedish video art, by artists including Maria Lindberg, Lena Mattsson, Gunnar Sandin, Ann-Sofi Sidén and Teresa Wennberg, shown between 7 October and 5 November.

Performance piece The Hidden by Bogdan Szyber and Carina Reich performed 18 November.

K.A. Lind’s honorary award is presented to Lars Kleen.

Björn Springfeldt leaves MM in November and becomes Counsellor for Cultural Affairs in Bonn, Germany in 1996.

Bo Nilsson leaves the museum the last of June and takes over as Director of Rooseum in Malmö.

MM on the Internet with the website, an initiative by Kim Klein who during the 1980s ran the galleries BarBar and Lido.

Friends of Einar Hylander Association (Vänförening Einar Hylander) is created 31 October.


Carl Gemzell’s Collection
13 January – 10 March

Alexander Calder
30 March – 27 May

Pia Arke. On display
30 March – 27 May. FM

Nordic Art from the Collection. Tatlin’s Tower
20 June – 22 September

Hiroshi Sugimoto
25 June – 22 September. FM

Neighbours. A Selection of Nordic Historic Photography
25 June – 22 September. FM

Moderna Museet Visits Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Bonn
4 July – 12 January 1997

Jeff Guess and Thierry Geoffroy. Spur of the Moment. Photographic Performance
2 August – 22 September. FM

About Time
19 October – 12 January 1997
Three seminars organised in collaboration with ABF (Workers’ Educational Association).

Summer Exhibition in the Workshop 20 June – 22 September.

Poetry day 17 November at MM hosted by Ernst Brunner.

David Elliott takes over as new director in November.

Nina Öhman resigns as curator and instead becomes curator of Thielska Gallery, Stockholm.

Monica Nieckels steps down as curator in June, after the Alexander Calder exhibition.

The MMV art grant is awarded to Elisabet Oscarsson.

At the turn of the year 1995/96, the SESAM project is initiated at MM and other museums in Sweden to digitise the collection and make it accessible online.


Moderna Museet Visits Bollnäs konsthall. Over 30 Works by Swedish Artists 1960–1990
18 January – 26 March

Picasso and the Myths of the Mediterranean
15 February – 19 May

The exhibition is a homage to Knud W. Jensen at Louisiana, where the exhibition came from.

Moderna Museet Stockholm. Picasso to Warhol
5 April – 7 September

Tour of Japan. Takamatsu City Museum of Art, Koriyama City Museum of Art, Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, Bunkamura Museum, Tokyo.

At the end of May, MM closes its temporary premises in Spårvagnshallarna.

MM’s shop is located on Götgatan 31 up until February 1998.

During the fall, the move into the new building begins.

MMV Bulletin becomes Friends of Moderna Museet’s periodical M, new editor is Andreas Gedin.

Jan-Erik Lundström leaves his position as curator (photography) and becomes the new Director of Bildmuseet in Umeå.

Sören Engblom becomes curator.

Five new curators are hired during the summer with various areas of responsibility: Swedish and Scandinavian art, international art, film and video, photography and contemporary art. Senior Curator is Ragnar von Holten, prints and drawings.

The museum also gets a new administrative director and marketing director.

K.A. Lind’s honorary award is presented to Eva Löfdahl.

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