Drawing with three figures

Gideonsson/Londré, Accretions III, 2022 Photo: ©The artists

Gideonsson/Londré – Accretions part III

Performance in the exhibition

28.1 2023 – 29.1 2023


In the third and last part of the performance Accretions, Gideonsson/Londré continues their investigation of how their bodies can act as containers for a future storage of the works included in the exhibition Conditioned Movement.

In this third and final performance, the accumulation of the remaining works shown in the exhibition Conditioned Movement continues. Gideonsson/Londré have, in close collaboration with the museum’s conservators, followed how their bodies were affected during the preparatory handling of the art. How these experiences are sheltered in the body as a conservation method and open up to other forms of storage and transmissions, where conservation becomes something constantly ongoing. An investigation of how a body can act as a container for the future storage of a collection.