Photo of hand painting with blue watercolors

Livepainting at Malmö Live, 2022 Photo: Åsa Lundén

Live painting at Malmö Live

Location: Malmö live

8.10 2022


How do you capture a movement with colour, how do you paint a sound and what does a picture of emotions look like? Join us and explore all this as we paint together with Art educators from Moderna Museet and musicians from Malmö Symphony Orchestra.

We paint in large format on the floor, so the whole body is activated! How does the music feel in the body and where does it feel? How are the body movements affected by the music, are there quick brushstrokes or long sweeps? A lot of colour, a little colour or different colours? What kind of images will be created when we create to live music and let the music travel through the body and out through the hand? The whole body and all the senses can participate when music turns into painting!

Under the guidance of Art educators from Moderna Museet.

Musician, Malmö SymphonyOrchestra:
Rhona Duncan – violin
Charlotte Bergkvist – violin
Agata Wnuk – viola
Annette Helmers – cello