woman interacting with wooden doll

Julia Bondesson, Cradle My Bones. Still from video., 2021 Photo: Alexander Wireen

Monologue from the video work ”Cradle My Bones”

The exhibition shows a video work, Cradle My Bones, which gave the exhibition its name. Here you can read the text from the video, written by Julia Bondesson in 2021.

“We found a new place to live where we grew strong. We found water in veins at our feet and the sun warmed our heads through the foliage.


We crawled through bushes and thickets, where we found garbage along with sweet fruits. We gathered them in piles and put the abundance in salt.


When dark clouds blew over our heads, we sought refuge.


From the cradle to the grave we kept diaries of the movements of thought, but when they asked us about our origin, the answer became incomplete. The roots of the thought remained hidden in the ground.


We studied the behaviour of the body according to the laws of nature. Tried to learn everything about our surroundings in order to live in it. We questioned all our behaviours and saw how they needed to be supplemented. Nothing was obvious or natural except the law of gravity.


It is not possible to deceive nature and nature does not deceive.


Everything falls back to earth.


The stone was worn down to sand.


The movements of thought became dance in forms unexchangeable since the beginning of time. We saluted our sexes. The conscience was clear and the roots of the thought lay shamelessly exposed on top of the sand.


Our traces were gathered on piles and salted by the winds.


Without movement I stop.

Cradle my bones.”

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