Group 2

Screening room in The New Gallery

Maj HasagerFilm still from Maj Hasager’s Decembers – a round table conversation (2012). Photo: Anna Rowland

Shown daily, Tuesday–Sunday, in the screening room in The New Gallery:
11:30 am Maja Borg
Future my Love (2012)
93 min.
Eng. speech, Swe. subtitle
1:05 pm Maj Hasager
Decembers – a round table conversation (2012)
HD video, 65 min.
Pl. speech, Eng. subtitle
2:15 pm Emanuel Almborg
The Majority Never Has Right On Its Side (2013)
4:3 HD video, 40 min.
Eng. speech
3 pm Jonas Mekas
A Walk (1990)
Video, 58 min.
Eng. speech
4 pm Kristina Norman
Common Ground (2013)
Video, 37 min.
Eng. & Est. speech, Eng. & Est. subtitles
4:40 pm Jonas Mekas
Reminiscences of a journey to Lithuania (1971-72)
16 mm, färg, optiskt ljud, 82 min.
Eng. speech

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