Berit Lindfeldt 2021 Photo: Åsa Lundén

5.10 2021

Berit Lindfeldt awarded the 2021 Friends of Moderna Museet Sculpture Prize

The Friends of Moderna Museet Sculpture Prize 2021 is awarded to the artist Berit Lindfeldt, who will be featured with an exhibition opening in conjunction with the award ceremony on 9 November. The prize sum of SEK 300,000 makes this one of Sweden’s largest artist awards.

Berit Lindfeldt is the recipient of the 2021 Friends of Moderna Museet Sculpture Award.

Berit Lindfeldt was born in 1946 in Stockholm and lives and works in Gothenburg, Sweden. She studied at the School of Design and Crafts 1966-1971 and at Valand Academy 1972-1977.

Lindfeldt has exhibited extensively aboad and over Sweden. Her latest exhibitions include ”Tillvarons kant” at Liljevalchs Art Gallery in 2014, ”Insidor och Utkanter” at Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 2020, ”Barmark” at Elastic Rural, Jädraås, in 2021 and ”Heat/Energy” at Kummelholmen, Stockholm in 2021.

The jury of 2021

The 2021 jury consists of Emily Fahlén (curator, art historian, writer, co-founder of art initiative Mint), Johanna Gustafsson Fürst (artist and professor of sculptural processes at the Royal Institute of Art), Håkan Nilsson (art critic and professor, Art History department, Södertörn University), Gitte Ørskou (director of Moderna Museet), and Lena Josefsson, former chairman of the Friends of Moderna Museet.

The jury’s motivation

”Berit Lindfeldt is awarded the Friends of Moderna Museet Sculpture Prize 2021 for a practice that convincingly shows that art and life belong together. Lindfeldt’s meticulous sculpting transforms everyday objects into distilled portrayals and bearers of memories, abstract yet familiar, serious yet full of hope. Home, furniture, utensils, and innards seem to be inwardly charged with the energy and experience of the hands that created them. Lindfeldt’s works are embodiments of experience. They give the impression of sound despite their silence, and of movement despite being still; as if enacting the  impossible phrase “if walls could speak”. The encounter with Lindfeldt’s works brings a  fellowship to life: the fellowship of mankind.”

The Sculpture Award is one of Sweden’s major art prizes

The Friends of Moderna Museet Sculpture Award – the K. A. Lind Honorary Award of SEK 300,000 is one of Sweden’s major art prizes and has been presented biannually since 1950. The Award was founded by the textile artist Sigrid Lind in memory of her parents.

Published 5 October 2021 · Updated 17 January 2022