Photo of room with several artworks

Installation view from the room After the Wall – Before the Curtain. The collection of Moderna Museet, 2022 Photo: Åsa Lundén/Moderna Museet

Art in Post War Europe

International Conference

12.5 2022


This international conference seeks to address the art exhibition as a site of international relations and a mirror of society across East and West Europe during the post war period.

Scholars of art history and exhibition studies are increasingly investigating the role of art institutions in the circulation of art, in post war Europe. The movement of art between East and West Europe, and the heterogenic nature of contemporary art and exhibitions during the cold war period, have come into focus. 

We welcome researchers and others with an interest in the myriad of exhibitions revealed from institutional archives, avoiding stereotypical focus on landmark exhibitions. The aim is to present a heterogenic history of art, movement of artists, and collaborations facilitating exhibitions during the post war period.