Orka! Ruben Wätte, Österängen (Jönköping)

From the project Orka! Ruben Wätte, Österängen (Jönköping). Photo: Sanna Argus Tirén.

Art through learning and collective creativity

Talks and presentations

30.1 2018


Welcome to presentations and talks on art, based on educational practices. This evening, Kristoffer Svenberg, art educator at Moderna Museet, will talk to specially invited artists Gabo Camnitzer and Ruben Wätte about the challenges and issues involved when art activities are conducted with learning and collective creativity as a material component in the works.

Video Documentation

Education as occupation or artistic practice

Professional art education can be described as a potential occupation and a day job for artists. There are also artists who work with education as a central and significant part of their artistic practice. The talk and presentations will raise questions such as: are artists exploiting those who participate in educational activities? Do educational activities involve problematic power relationships? Who benefits most from these projects: the artist or the participant? How do we define good art projects, built on collective creativity and pedagogy?


Presentations will be made by the artists Gabo Camnitzer and Ruben Wätte, and Kristoffer Svenberg from Moderna Museet, who will present the Museum Museum project. The presentations will be followed by a talk.