Equality Festival!

1.3 2015


On Sunday, 1 March 2015, Equalisters (Rättviseförmedlingen) is celebrating its 5th anniversary with an Equality Festival together with Moderna Museet. The Equality Festival promises a full-day revelry in equality, featuring a birthday show hosted by Moa Svan, a preview of the Bechdel-certified movie Svenskjävel, guided equality tours of Moderna Museet’s art, an interview with the head of Equalisters, Seher Yilmaz, by Kristoffer Triumf (Värvet), danceoke, and lots more.

As a special tribute to the Equality Festival, Moderna Museet will open its doors to visitors by issuing 1,000 special tickets. These tickets can be exchanged for an Equality Festival bracelet and can be bought in advance on the Equalisters website. The Equality Festival bracelet is valid for admission to:

Moderna Museet’s exhibitions

The Equality Festival bracelet gives admission to all exhibitions at Moderna Museet.

Film shows and guided tour of Louise Bourgeois

The film about the norm-transcending sculptor Louise Bourgeois and guided tour of Moderna Museet’s major exhibition Louise Bourgeois – I Have Been to Hell and Back.

Equality tours

During the Festival, Moderna Museet director Daniel Birnbaum, co-director Ann-Sofi Noring and others will hold guided tours with an equality perspective.

Danceoke with the Friends of Equalisters           

Danceoke to your favourite music videos, with a little help from a few of Equalisters’ most illustrious friends.

Kristoffer Triumf interviews Seher Yilmaz

Live recording of a conversation between Kristoffer Triumf (Värvet) and the head of Equalisters, Seher Yilmaz.

Equality cafe & bar

Throughout the day, you can meet all the other equality activists and equalisters at the Museum.


Events requiring special booking: 


Moa Svan with guests (birthday show) 

Stand up comedian and TV host Moa Svan interviews special guests and presents stage shows (to be confirmed).

Svenskjävel – a movie that passed the Bechdel test

Preview of Svenskjävel, the major movie release this spring, and a discussion with the leading actor Bianca Kronlöf and the people behind “A-märkt”, the Swedish equivalent of the Bechdel test.

Grand Anniversary Dinner

The festival closes with an anniversary dinner full of surprises – and good food.

Further events to be announced. The programme will be updated continuously.


To support the activities of Equalisters, visitors can buy an Equality bracelet (sek 120, valid as admission to Moderna Museet’s exhibitions and many of the Festival events).

About Equalisters

Equalisters is a non-profit organisation that strives for a more balanced representation that reflects the actual situation in Sweden. More than 70,000 individuals are engaged in volunteer work through social networks to help companies, organisations and the media find skilled people who have been overlooked. Equalisters’ vision is that prejudices relating to gender, origin and physical ability should not limit people’s possibilities and right to do what they want and are capable of.